Featured Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer expands the boundaries of reality with her photographic mixed media images. See more of her compelling portfolio by visiting her website.


architectural photography by Judit Rothenstein-Putzer

“City Reflections III” mixed media, 8” x 10”


A native New Yorker, I majored in art at Brooklyn College. A successful career in Occupational Therapy followed, but photography has always been very close to my heart.


architectural photography by Judith Rotenstein-Putzer

“Cityscapes – Harborside I” mixed media, 10” x 8”


The first time I stepped into the darkroom, I was totally captivated. It was just magical.


cityscape photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Cityscapes – Urban Reflections” mixed media, 24” x 18”


I began my love affair with photography during college. I was totally mesmerized watching an image appear before my very eyes. The heady smell of the darkroom chemicals may also have had something to do with it! Through lots of trial and error, I learned to manipulate and enhance the images.


cactus photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Desert Spirit Bloom” mixed media, 16” x 12”


Years later, I relocated to Arizona and at that point I transitioned from film to digital photography. My first major challenge was to learn how to augment the photos in the computer as I did in the darkroom.


architectural photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Cityscapes – Libretto Down Under” mixed media, 8” x 10”


I also moved from an emphasis on black and white to color. During that quest, I was introduced to alcohol transfers, a technique which uses photographs to create monoprints.


photography of roosters by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Travelin’ Along Side by Side” mixed media, 12” x 16”


I also discovered that by adding pen and ink to the negative space, form and color gradations, the artworks became more vivid and alive.


abstract photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Bark Vader” mixed media, 8” x 8”


Sometimes I take pleasure in capturing the moment for its form or color. Other times, I try to expand the boundaries of reality. If the work is representational, that’s fine, but if it’s abstract, that’s okay too!


abstract landscape photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“The Trea Serpent” mixed media, 8” x 8”


My subject matter has always been eclectic. More often than not, I’m drawn to reflections, especially when the reflected object is diametrically opposed to the object it’s reflected in.


architectural photography by Judith Rothenstein-Putzer

“Cityscapes – Along the Highline II” mixed media, 16” x 12”


My husband and I have been avid travelers for years, and for me that’s synonymous with photography. Travel has given me an endless source of material for creation. It’s been a standing joke that I pack more photo equipment than clothes! I look forward to traveling and growing through my art journey for many years to come.


Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer at work in her studio

Artist Judith Rothenstein-Putzer at work in her studio


In recent years, I have stepped out from behind the lens to create mixed media pieces from my photographs. My newer works are comprised of multi layers of alcohol transfers, giving the works a 3-dimensional effect. Sometimes, I add wire, metal and ephemera as well.


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    Very beautiful works! Especially urban!

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