Featured Artist George Mattei

George Mattei shares a stunning collection of photographs that capture idyllic images of the Jersey shore. See more of portfolio on his website.


Barnegat Light, NJ George Mattei

“Sunrise at Barnegat Light” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


My photography got its start when I was in high school. One of my friends got a film developing kit for Christmas. Of course, he had to have something to develop, so he also got a camera. Soon, four friends and I were developing photos from our frequent trips to the local park to shoot trees, the lake, kids and each other. The high school yearbook provided further opportunities to shoot sports, clubs, dances and plays.


Viking Village boats, NJ George Mattei

“Viking Village Fishing Boats” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


After two years at a local community college, it was off to the School of Visual Arts in New York. Photography all the time—I loved it. Four years later with a BFA, I became the first assistant to an advertising photographer in Manhattan, which was where my real education began.


Long Beach Island, Harvey Cedars NJ George Mattei

“Long Beach Island, Harvey Cedars” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


He had clients in the food, automobile, pharmaceutical and liquor industries. With some of his business coaching under my belt, I was ready for my next position as a photographer at Nabisco.


Holgate Beach, NJ photography by George Mattei

“Sunset at Holgate Beach” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


Twenty pounds and four years later, I opened my own commercial studio. I loved the challenge of taking a client’s idea for a product photo and bringing it to life. Sometimes it was simple. Sometimes it was more complex, like when I had to hire stylists and models or travel to a location with an assistant and tons of equipment, but it was always enjoyable.


Long Beach Island, NJ George Matttei

“Long Beach Island Supermoon” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


I started producing stock photography where I was able to shoot the subjects I liked while putting my own “spin” on them. I was always interested in nutrition, medicine and the workings of the body, among other things. This led me to concentrate on photographs of a more conceptual nature where I would illustrate the concepts of time, pain, addiction and certain medical conditions.


Great Bay, NJ George Mattei

“The Storm, Great Bay” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


My photography went into another direction when we moved to the shore region of New Jersey. When I was much younger, my family would always go to the shore for a summer vacation. It was my favorite place. Now I did not have to travel so far to enjoy the waves, sand, food and beautiful seascapes. Lighthouses, sunsets, fishing boats and storms are some of the subjects I like to photograph.


clams at Baymen's Seafood, New Gretna, NJ George Mattei

“Clams at Baymen’s Seafood in New Gretna, NJ” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


Tourism, food and commercial fishing are other areas of South Jersey industry I would like to photographically explore as I continue to enhance my portfolio.


North Wildwood, NJ George Mattei

“North Wildwood Sunrise over the Jetties” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


Much of my photography is produced using HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography. No single exposure from a film or digital camera can reproduce a scene as well as the human eye. By taking three to nine exposures from very light to very dark and processing them with specialized software, a wider range of tones is produced.


Barnegat Light, NJ George Mattei

“Fishing Boat Going to Sea at Barnegat Light” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


The details that would be lost to a single exposure are preserved, mimicking, as close as possible, the human eye.


NJ beach photo by George Mattei

“Playing in the Waves” photograph printed on metal, various sizes


On occasion I will also use the long exposure technique. The shutter remains open for many minutes, capturing the motion of clouds, water and people, while stationary objects remain motionless.


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