Featured Artist Liberty Worth

Artist Liberty Worth presents a collection of handmade quilts from her dynamic Noisy Flowers series. See more by visiting her website.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Insight” textile on panel board, 24″ x 20″


As an artist there’s one thing in the world I love to do more than to make art, and that is to travel. It is when I travel that I find myself collecting—memories, experiences, colors, sights and histories. I’ve traveled to many countries, but I even love to travel in my hometown of Los Angeles. I collect from the beauty I find in the combination of nature and urban grit I find in my city.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Delighted Introvert” textile on panel board, 17″ x 16″ x 3″


My collections revive themselves in the form of memories and inspiration once I get back to the studio. I can spend months or even years interpreting them into visual formats.


textile floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Protea Allegro” textile on panel board, 20″ x 20″


Though a number of different mediums and formats comprise my art style, I have found there is always that aspect of memory that takes a forefront in nearly every piece I make. It’s one reason why I so love working with textiles—whether they are discarded samples from the interior design industry, culturally rich textiles I have collected in my travels, hand dyed pieces or disassembled clothing. I believe strongly that textiles carry stories with them, and I do my best to let those stories shine in my work.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Tears of Joy” textile on panel board, 10″ x 12″


I use both traditional and non-traditional quilting techniques. My sewing machine, needle and thread have surpassed all other artistic mediums to become my favorite artistic tools.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Midnight Orchid” textile on panel, 11″ x 11″


Sometimes I make quilts for customers using the clothing of a loved one. Most of my work these days is a series of textile based paintings that are created with the freedom and whimsy of a process that is both improvisational and steeped in tradition. My art quilts are both planned and spontaneous at the same time.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“I have a dream” textile on panel board, 8″ x 8″


This style is most recognizable in my series Noisy Flowers, which are mounted wall quilts in many different sizes. In this series I take ordinary fabrics and make them bloom into vibrant vortexes that draw my viewers into a contemplative, healing space.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Swimming” textile on panel board, 35″ x 28″


Art is healing—both for the maker and the viewer—and I love to invite people into this process through my work. Sometimes the work is subtle in its message; a blooming shape that reminds us of growth and healing when the world may feel stuck and stagnant.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Clarity” textile on panel board, 24″ x 20″


Sometimes the messages are more overt; using textiles with memories or cultures intrinsically attached to them which may coax the viewer to be drawn deeper into contemplation.


abstract floral quilt by Liberty Worth

“Pure Vida” textile on panel board, 25″ x 20″


Color is a big part of my work. I favor bold color compositions, whether it’s black/white or playing with the combination of shades of a color to see if I can pull a piece in a new direction by shifting colors in values and volume.


Artist Liberty Worth in her studio

Artist Liberty Worth in her studio


Viewers will find my work to be a playful exploration of color in its various forms. I always ask myself, “What happens if I put this color here?” Even as my process is exploratory and free, it is also based in my background as a designer.


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  1. such LOVELY & unique work, Liberty!!! truly enjoyed seeing your work, with such interesting & intricate details & shapes… wishing you the best!

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