Featured Artist Nichole McDaniel

Artist Nichole McDaniel uses photography, stencils and vivid color to capture iconic scenes from her travels. See more of her portfolio on her website.


beach photography by Nichole McDaniel

“Under Scripps Pier” mixed media with resin, 36″ x 60″


The inspiration for my cityscapes and beach works comes from my love of exploring new locations.


beach photography by Nichole McDaniel

“Beach Weekend” aerosol with resin, 54″ x 36″


What starts as an adventure taking photos turns into creating intricate stencils which I use to make mixed media pieces.


beach painting by Nichole McDaniel

“Navy Pier” mixed media, 60″ x 30″


I first saw the potential of using stencils with a simple project in college. Over the last fifteen years, that process has evolved into the pieces you see today.


Beach painting by Nichole McDaniel

Detail of stencil cutout used for Santa Monica Lights


The idea of a simple silhouette has always fascinated me. The amount of detail, imagery and design you can create in just a single layer is incredible. Some of these handcrafted silhouettes take up to 70 hours with the use of an X-acto knife and a magnifying glass.


beach painting by Nichole McDaniel

“Santa Monica Lights” mixed media with resin, 40″ x 20″


After I have the silhouette, my pieces tend to be about color. I love bright, vibrant colors. Much of my beach scenes reflect the vibrant colors found in the sunsets here in Orange County, California.


street scenes by Nichole McDaniel

Left: “Lombard Street” Center: “Morning Mist” Right: “Welcome to Brooklyn” all mixed media, 20″ x 75″


My friends and family are now accustomed to stopping and taking photos with me while traveling. I will take them to specific locations, typically around sunset so I can get the most detailed shots of silhouettes.


beach scene by Nichole McDaniel

“Endless Pier” (in situ) mixed media with resin, 40″ x 20″


My parents are sweet; one time while I was photographing Chicago for a painting they ended up walking almost 10 miles with me by the time we were done!


bridge image by Nichole McDaniel

“Over the Hudson” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


Even my husband now asks if he should stop when he sees something I might find interesting. For me, these cityscapes and paintings from my travels are about capturing that unique memory and sharing it.


mural art by Nichole McDaniel

Mural in Los Angeles, acrylic and aerosol, 12′ x 6′


I think painting an identifiable location is a great opportunity to connect with your audience. When people view these pieces, it might be somewhere they live, a place they have traveled, or maybe a place they would like to visit. It’s interesting to exchange stories and our unique association to the location and piece.


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