Featured Artist Christi Kraft

Artist Christi Kraft shares a fascinating collection of photographs and the heartfelt concept behind her work. See more by visiting her website.


floral photography by Christi Kraft

“Claws a-Climbing” photography, various sizes


My whole life, I’ve always been a noticer. It’s tremendously important to me that the people around me feel seen and valued. It’s become just as important to me that the beauty, humor and sweet spots in our world do not go unnoticed.


floral photography by Christi Kraft

“Second Nature” photography, various sizes


As a photographer, my entire job is to see and share what I see with others who might otherwise miss it. Sometimes what I see are happy, vibrant colors in a lush garden, or interesting lines and shapes within complex architectural structures. Most often I see details, small and easily overlooked.


floral photography by Christi Kraft

“Scrunched” photography, various sizes


The details of my photographic art cross through macro, floral, architectural and abstract compositions in both brilliant color and stunning black and white. What I see reflects who I am, what I value, and what I want to bring to the world. In turn, my colorfully optimistic artwork says something about the bright and bold individuals who connect with it.


architectural photography by Christi Kraft

“Adventitious Roots” photography, various sizes


The artwork we love and put on display can represent us much in the way our individual wardrobes do—it can not only speak to us but also about us.


macro photography by Christi Kraft

“Colors on a Curve” photography, various sizes


Cheerful, fruity colors are enlivening and uplifting, and generally so are the people who put those fresh, fun colors on display. Bright lime green, for example, is a lively, high energy tint that is both delightful and a bit daring. The person who wears it or splashes it on their walls offers you an idea of what you can expect from them, a creative hint of the vibrancy, joy and whimsy that just might be in store for you.


architectural photography by Christi Kraft

“Arching” photography, various sizes


When that same playful lover of lime green settles for, say, soft and subtle sage green because they think it’s what they’re supposed to do or be or hang on the wall, we all miss out on the fullness of that person’s authentic self. That is such a shame.


architectural photography by Christi Kraft

“Zig Zag Up the Wall” photography, various sizes


Over a lifetime as an artist and more than a decade of creating art professionally, here’s what I’ve discovered. The art you choose to surround yourself with doesn’t only encourage you, but also emboldens you to fully express yourself in all aspects of your life and be the person you truly are, unapologetically.


architectural photography by Christi Kraft

“Light of Learning” photography, various sizes


When you allow yourself to fully engage with your intuition and deepest self, to love what you love and put that on display, you open yourself up to deeper understanding, to recognition, to appreciation and connection.


abstract photography by Christi Kraft

Top image: “Fall en Flambe” Bottom image: “Freedom to Flourish” photography, various sizes


You’re able to be seen, just as you are, in all your marvelous charm and genuine being. And, truly, don’t we all want to be seen?


Artist Christi Kraft

Artist Christi Kraft


When my photographs make someone feel seen and represents the way they want to openly and authentically express themselves to the world, I’m truly honored. It is my delight and joy to help someone share their own unique shining light, to be seen as they were made to be, because that is exactly what the world needs.


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