Featured Artist Ramon Aristizabal

Colombian artist Ramon Aristizabal shares a collection of vibrantly colorful works in his distinct painterly style. View more of his portfolio on his website.


Colorful painting of a woman by Ramon Aristizabal

“Back to You” acrylic, painted with spatula, 28″ x 28″


In today’s world, I prefer to leave songs and paintings, rather than children.


Chief Joseph

“Chief Joseph” acrylic painted with spatula, 39¨ x 39¨


I am an artist born in Colombia in South America. I love my country geographically speaking, but confess that I’m very disturbed by places where the rules are not respected. So I consider myself a wanderer of the world, without borders or roots.


Painting of Frida Kahlo by artist Ramon Aristizabal

“Girl of Coyoacan” acrylic painted with spatula, 28¨ x 39¨


My parents started the mafia in Colombia before Pablo Escobar. To escape that reality, and being an only son, I took refuge in music from the age of six. Before I turned twelve, I learned empirically to play three instruments.


Colorful painterly portrait of a man by artist Ramon Aristizabal

“The Diego” acrylic painted with spatula, 39″ x 39″


Since then I have dedicated myself to making my own music. I’m greatly influenced by the 1980s, which in my opinion was a time when songs excelled with atmosphere and personality. That decade produced great and eternal music. While living in Mexico, my songs managed to rank in the Top 10 on the pop charts, and I won two prizes as a musical artist.


Red sneakers

“Those Sneakers” acrylic painted with spatula, 16″ x 12″


In 2019, I felt the need to find other ways to extend the reach of my songs, and began working as a self-taught painter. My technique is based on the use of acrylics, spatula, my fingers, texture and a lot of color. And some of my paintings have their own accompanying song written, produced and performed entirely by me.


colorful painting of an elephant by artist Ramon Aristizabal

“USA Elefante” acrylic painted with spatula, 28¨ x 28¨


At the moment someone acquires one of my paintings, they also receive the song that accompanies it, in mp3 format. The song can be installed in headphones or another device next to the work. In this way, the experience of appreciating the painting extends from the visual to the auditory as well.


Landscape painting by Ramon Aristizabal

“Little Bench” acrylic painted with spatula, 47¨ x 32¨


Neither writing a song nor painting is easy. On the contrary, I consider it more of an exercise in “self-destruction” carried out so that in the end something creative remains. In my case, it implies wallowing in feelings and sleepless nights, stopping the works to get away from them for hours or days, and in the end knowing when to consider them completed.


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