Featured Artist Anne Smythe

Enjoy the fascinating portfolio of oil painter Anne Smythe, who captures the landscape in a unique and delightful style. See more of her work on her website.


oil painting of a landscape with a flying pig

“The View” oil, 20″ x 16″


I was raised, educated, and trained in Toronto, Canada. I used my days working in advertising to envision surrealistic paintings that I would eventually create during nights and weekends.


oil painting of a man in a landscape by Ann Smythe

“Inside Out Man” oil, 12″ x 12″


When I moved to the greenbelt a few years ago, I was totally taken by the natural forms and landscapes around me. Most of my paintings are now inspired by the wetlands and forests near my home where I walk my dog.


dramatic oil painting of a woman on a staircase by artist Ann Smythe

“Painted Staircase” oil, 20″ x 16″


My artwork showcases the natural beauty of the environment while also adding something unexpected and thought-provoking. It uses a mix of classic scenery and imaginative ideas.


oil painting of a natural landscape by Anne Smythe

“Path with Blue Heron Kite” oil, 16″ x 20″


These works are meant to encourage others to appreciate the beauty of nature but hint at a deeper message about the importance of protecting the environment.


Whimsical oil painting of an open window with bubbles

“Escape” oil, 16″ x 12″


I always make sure to take my camera with me on my walks to capture photos of the landscapes that serve as a foundation for my paintings. I paint with oils for a variety of reasons. Primarily because of its flexibility; there is nothing holding me back from changing it however I please, so I can follow my whims and create something unique.


Surreal landscape with characters by painter Anne Smythe

“Murmur of the Brook” oil, 20″ x 16″


My work is highly detailed. I can work on a painting for months until I feel it is right.


Surreal oil painting of a young girl in a landscape

“Pond” oil, 16″ x 12″


My family has a long history of artistic expression. My mother and grandfather were both painters, and I was deeply influenced by Christiane Pflug, an incredible artist who was friends with my parents. One of her large works hung in my childhood home, and now hangs proudly in my own living room.


Surreal scene of a bedroom in a swampy landscape

“Inside Out Bedroom” oil, 27″ x 19″


I am in awe of the accomplishments by the talent and ingenuity of many painters who have come before me. I get immense joy from the process of painting.


Oil painting of a boy in a field in summer

“Summer” oil, 16″ x 20″


No matter what I create, I strive to ensure that the paintings stay true to the fine art quality and craftsmanship of artists that I admire.


Anne Smythe invites you to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.



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