Featured Artist Ingemar Härdelin

Swedish painter Ingemar Härdelin presents a stunning collection of vibrant abstracts filled with energy and life. See more of his portfolio by visiting his website.


Abstract painting by Ingemar Hardelin

Untitled, acrylic, 36 x 36.5 cm


I was born in 1932 in a rectory, located in the large forest area in central Sweden, the last born of five siblings. My parents loved culture in various forms, and both father and mother were artistically gifted.


Bold abstract acrylic painting

“Untitled” acrylic, 37.5 x 36 cm


Dad often drew during his travels in the parish. Early on, all of us siblings were taught to play different musical instruments, and soon the family quintet could entertain the guests of the house when they visited the parsonage, to my parents’ great pride. My instrument eventually became the cello after trying the trumpet for a period. The cello, through many years of study and diligent continuous practice, became my faithful companion throughout my life.


Abstract painting by Ingemar Hardelin

“Untitled” acrylic, 35.5 x 35.5 cm


But painting and drawing also became a need early on. I loved as a child to paint colorful pictures with motifs of both people and nature with my crayons. The choice of profession, however, became a teacher. My artistic creation occurred for many years only sporadically and periodically, but took off when I retired. It was the oil that attracted me the most, but pretty soon I switched to acrylic. The drying time for oil was far too long for my patience.


Untitled abstract painting by Swedish artist Ingemar Hardelin

“Untitled” acrylic, 82 x 82 cm


My first exhibition came rather soon. I had made contact with a group of painters who sometimes made trips to interesting places. But I pretty soon abandoned landscape painting and group painting and at the same time distanced myself more and more from representational painting.


Vibrant acrylic painting by artist Ingemar Hardelin

“Untitled” acrylic, 40 x 30 cm


I felt inhibited with a given motive in front of my eyes. I needed total freedom from role models. This was not easy. Now I had only my imagination and creativity to rely on. I started creating abstract paintings completely from within myself, usually with strong colors and expressions. It gave me the sense of freedom I craved. I often painted to music, which could act as a catalyst and release creativity.


Abstract painting

“Untitled” acrylic 82 x 82 cm


As a teacher, I was able to use my interest in painting while teaching by stimulating the students’ creativity and being a catalyst for them. It was a joy to see the happiness and satisfaction on their faces when they looked at their finished creations.


Colorful abstract painting by Ingemar Hardelin

“Untitled” acrylic, 40 x 30 cm


My exhibitions became more and more frequent. On one occasion I had the opportunity to exhibit in Tenerife in Los Christiano’s newly built cultural center. It was interesting and fun, not least because of the great response I got from the visitors.


Abstract oil painting by Swedish artist Ingemar Hardelin

“Untitled” oil, 100 x 81 cm


I quote a few examples:

“Congratulations on lovely paintings with their inherent power and strength. A welcome break from the normal exhibitions seen in the cultural center. Good luck in the future.”

“Very interesting exhibition, strong colors, strong expression. These works encourage me to continue forward with my own work as a ceramicist and painter. Thanks!”

“I like the exhibition very much. The energy of the colors and the movement is impressive. Very good!”


Bold abstract painting

“Untitled” acrylic, 35 x 35.5 com


As an artist, you can never settle down. Painting is a constant journey forward where along the way you pick new fruits and reject others. The hike is like an adventure with new unexpected discoveries.


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  1. Your style is interesting. My favorite is the one with the red sky-area. I like all of them.

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