Featured Artist Cena Hoban

Cena Hoban presents a colorful portfolio of joyful abstract paintings inspired by positive spirituality. Visit her website to view more of her work.


colorful abstract mixed media painting by Cena Hoban

“On the Way to Half Moon Bay” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 11” x 11”


I am a mixed media artist with a background in teaching, spirituality, and counseling. Although not formally trained in art, I have always been interested in color, paper, paint, art supplies, and design, with a big emphasis on color.


softly colored mixed media collage by Cena Hoban

“Peace” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 12” x 12”


As a child I remember gathering (well, hoarding really) different bits of paper to make booklets to use as image journals. These journals became a place I could paste cutout images from magazines (in only my favorite colors). I considered these journals a visual feast.


colorful collage by artist Cena Hoban

“Limelight” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 16” x 16”


Color to me is especially sacred and spiritual. All you need to do is step outside and see all of the fantastic colors created in nature. Nature has been my primary source of inspiration for color, line, and composition.


bold and colorful mixed media collage by Cena Hoban

“A Walk in June” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 18” x 18”


No matter the time I spend in nature, I am always beckoned to photograph color and image together in unusual ways. My nephew refers to these as Cena pics. I regularly use these pictures as inspiration when creating works in mixed media and collage.


abstract collage by artist Cena Hoban

“Puzzle Piece” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 10” x 14”


I became more interested in collage during the pandemic. I began making small collages using my own hand painted paper. This became a regular exercise I would often do during the fifteen minute breaks in between seeing my teenaged clients in therapy.


abstract collage with cactus by Cena Hoban

“Blue Cactus” mixed media on watercolor paper, 9” x 9”


Art resides and radiates in those liminal spaces in between. Creating small works of collage held a space for healing which led to further exploration and larger works. And I love the visceral feel of paper. I love placing it carefully or sometimes spontaneously, in ways that enhance the mystery of the ineffable stirrings of the soul.


vibrant abstract collage by artist Cena Hoban

“Sunday in June” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 24” x 24”


In each piece created in the past three years, I have always incorporated a message of loving kindness using asemic writing (unreadable text and image). These messages included loving words and sentences such as: May you be loving and loved. May you be safe from inner and outer harm. May you dwell in peace and ease. These messages really help me to connect to the piece and potential owner, whether I know them or not.


softly colored abstract mixed media collage by Cena Hoban

“Pink Lime” mixed media on Birch wood panel, 18” x 18”


My goal for whoever views my art is that they connect with the shapes, lines, and colors in such a way that they will be inspired and relate to a story within their own heart.


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