Featured Artist Carol Siskind

Manhattan-based abstract painter Carol Siskind presents a delightfully colorful portfolio of work. See more from this artist by visiting her website.


contemporary abstract painting

“Midcentury Modern, acrylic on archival paper, 34″ x 36”


My mother was an artist. She painted while I sat next to her, as a child, painting my own clowns. She worked with yarn, clay, and alabaster. Her love of sculpture became her true passion, and her beautiful pieces adorn all our family’s homes.


abstract painting by artist Carol Siskind

“I Miss Prince” acrylic on archival paper, 3.5′ x 6′


I never envisioned myself pursuing a career in art. Coming from a household filled with laughter and surrounded by comedy albums of the time, I immersed myself in the world of stand-up comedy headfirst. I have cherished that career. It’s taken me around the world, from London to Johannesburg and all over the United States. I’ve been privileged to have performed alongside industry giants and to have frequently appeared on television. I have also worked in every casino on the Las Vegas Strip.


colorful abstract painting by Carol Siskind

“Either Way” acrylic on archival paper, 34″ x 35″


Then, Covid struck. Everything changed. People stopped going out and performances came to a halt. One day, while rummaging through my closet, I stumbled upon an old sketch pad, and I realized that my love for doodling had been patiently waiting for me all this time.


whimsical abstract painting by artist Carol Siskind

“Max” acrylic on archival paper, 3.5′ x 6′


I dove back into art, experimenting with gouaches and acrylics. My action paintings were the first to emerge, receiving positive feedback, particularly from my comedy community, which encouraged me to keep going.


charming abstract painting by Carol Siskind

“Buttercup Jones Comes to Tea” acrylic on archival paper, 34″ x 32″


I am captivated by color and shape. I enjoy playing with unexpected shades and form. Using negative space in my work to create fresh compositions brings me immense satisfaction. I particularly relish working on large canvases, cradled birchwood, and Masonite. The challenge of navigating large surfaces is one I find daunting and satisfying. One recent piece measures six by four feet.


bold and vibrant acrylic painting by Carol Siskind

“Brick” acrylic on canvas, 6′ x 4′


You might wonder how my comedy career intersects with this art form. I truly believe that my sense of humor drives everything I do, and that my paintings convey story lines, exuberance and joy.


colorful abstract acrylic painting by Carol Siskind

“Climbing a Rock Wall” acrylic on cradled birchwood, 3′ x 4′


With my abstracts paintings large and small, I channel my mother’s talent and influence. I have truly returned home.


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