Featured Artist Elizabeth Sher

Elizabeth Sher creates mixed media and digital artwork that blends messages with tactile craftsmanship. See more from this artist by visiting her website.


Artist Elizabeth Scher working in studio

Elizabeth Sher working in her studio. Photo credit: Jonathan Bodkin


Art flows through my veins, an integral part of my being. Within the cloistered walls of my studio, my creative spirit thrives. It is here that I find my true center, where tranquility envelops me. This is my sanctuary, a haven of happiness where solitude becomes a cherished companion, freeing me from the constraints of judgment.


digital art Morocco scene by Elizabeth Scher

Filtered View, “Morocco” digital silkscreen with hand rubbed steel frame, 35″ x 24″ x 4″


I find myself drawn to the concept of working in series. It is through this approach that I draw parallels to musicians who craft distinct albums across diverse genres yet retain an unmistakable signature. I enjoy blending digital programs with tactile handiwork. This process enables me to create art that expands traditional boundaries while expressing my own artistic narrative.


Letter art on handmade paper by Liz Scher

“People Amaze Me Amaze Me People” ink on handmade paper, 9″ x 7″


Over the past 15 years, the majority of my work has been fueled by the inspirations I gathered from attending residencies abroad. During the pandemic, my ability to travel was severely hindered. As a result, I found solace and creative fulfillment by transforming my cottage in Sonoma County into a personal sanctuary—an alternative form of residency.


ink and acrylic letter art on handmade paper

“Mark My Words” ink/acrylic on handmade paper, 28″ x 14″


Amidst the onslaught of anxiety-inducing circumstances, I sought refuge in the process of crafting drawings on handmade paper, utilizing a bamboo pen. Within this series, Mark My Words, phrases incessantly flowed onto the paper. By permitting the ink to blot and bleed, the words transformed into abstract lines and shapes, inviting viewers to embark on a contemplative journey through each piece. I found serenity while also hoping to offer solace to my viewers.


Collage and letter art on handmade paper by Elizabeth Scher

“Speak Up Speak Out” ink on handmade paper, 12″ x 12″


My concerns about climate change grew alongside my worries. They ultimately found their artistic expression in the collection showcased in my upcoming solo exhibition, Morning Joe, scheduled to be held at the Mercury 20 Gallery in Oakland in October 2023. Each morning, as I drink my steaming mug of strong coffee, the captivating sight of the sunrise through my window fills me with a sense of inspiration. However, this serene moment quickly gives way to jarring reality as I immerse myself in the pages of the morning newspaper.


collage archival ink on canvas by Elizabeth Scher

“Morning Joe” archival ink on canvas, 7′ x 12′


Sometimes I just want to draw or paint. The directness of these creative expressions takes me back to my training, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a longing to immerse myself in the artistic process. These watercolors are a memory of the sunrises I see outside my window. The colors reflect the changing weather over the days and months.


bold watercolor of a sunrise by Elizabeth Scher

“Remembering Sunrises 4″ liquid acrylic on watercolor paper, 9″ x 12”


With over five decades of experience as an artist and educator in the Bay Area, my work has garnered recognition and can be found in permanent collections such as SFMOMA, Berkeley Art Museum (BAMPFA), Oakland Museum of California, de Saisset Museum and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Additionally, my art has been acquired by various university and private collections.


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