Featured Artist Rossana Kelton

Artist Rossana Kelton presents a vibrantly colorful collection of landscape paintings. See more by this artist by visiting her website.


Oil painting of a small boat by Rossana Kelton

“Boat on a Dock” oil on canvas, 12″ x 24″


A talented and visionary artist, I trace my roots to the picturesque landscapes of Uruguay in South America. I was born and raised in a vibrant artistic community. My early years were filled with a profound appreciation for the beauty and creativity surrounding me.


Colorful marsh landscape by oil painter Rossana Kelton

“Sunny Marsh” oil on canvas, 11″ x 14″


Seeking new avenues for artistic growth and exposure, my parents decided to immigrate to the United States, specifically the dynamic New York area. We embraced the challenges and opportunities of this new chapter. I embarked on a journey to immerse myself in the thriving art scene of the Big Apple.


Colorful mountain landscape by Rossana Kelton

“Silent Mountain” oil on canvas, 16.5″ x 10″


My experience was fueled by a rich cultural heritage and the desire to infuse my work with diverse influences. I quickly garnered attention for my distinct style. It bridges the gap between my South American roots and the bustling urban landscapes of my adopted home. With each brushstroke and artistic creation, I continue to carve my unique path, leaving an indelible mark on the creative tapestry of both continents.


Colorful landscape by Rossana Kelton

“The Road Ahead” oil on canvas, 12″ x 24″


I paint landscapes of higher emotion. They stir something profound within my soul. I feel a deep connection to the world around me when I stand before a majestic mountain range or witness the sun setting over the horizon. It’s as if nature’s beauty reaches out and touches my very core, evoking emotions that I can’t help but express on canvas. Through my art, I strive to share this overwhelming sense of awe and wonder with others, inviting them to experience the exact transformative emotions nature evokes in me.


seascape by oil painter Rossana Kelton

“Early Light” oil on canvas, 24″ x 48″


Painting landscapes allows me to tap into a realm beyond the tangible, where colors and brushstrokes become a language of feelings and thoughts. I want my art to serve as a conduit for introspection, encouraging viewers to pause and contemplate the wonders of the world and its place within it.


Painting of the Grand Tetons by Rossana Kelton

“Grand Teton Adventure” oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″


It’s an opportunity to evoke a sense of peace, inspiration, and even catharsis, leaving a lasting impact on those who immerse themselves in my work. Ultimately, art can awaken emotions and bridge the gap between the mundane and the extraordinary, creating a deeper connection between the viewer and the natural world.


Colorful painting of a pond by Rossana Kelton

“Golden Pond” oil on canvas, 16 x 20″


As an artist, I aim to create meaningful and evocative art and improve the world through sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. Art can be a powerful force for positive change. I am committed to making a difference through every aspect of my creative process. From the materials I choose to the techniques I employ, sustainability is at the forefront of my artistic journey. I source eco-friendly materials, opting for recycled or renewable resources whenever possible.


colorful oil painting of sails by Rossana Kelton

“Sails” oil on canvas, 30″ x 40″


Additionally, I explore innovative techniques that minimize waste and reduce my ecological footprint. My passion for art is aligned with a deep sense of responsibility for the planet. I aspire to inspire others to adopt eco-conscious practices in their own lives. With each brushstroke, I aim to convey a message of beauty and emotion and leave a lasting impact. I want to foster a more sustainable and harmonious world for future generations.


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  1. I also like colorful art. Silent Mountain is my favorite.

    • Thank you very much. What is it about that painting that you like? Do you like the colorful sky’s or the mountains? It is available. Are you still interested in it?
      Rossi Kelton

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