Instagram Growth Strategies for Artists in 2024

by Hallie Edlund

In the ever-changing landscape of Instagram, strategies that once promised growth may no longer be as effective. Here are the latest tips to keep your account relevant and growing.



For visual artists, understanding the evolving dynamics of the platform is crucial for navigating the path to success. In this article, let’s explore key insights and debunk outdated tips to help you thrive on Instagram in 2024.

Quality over Quantity in Posting

Gone are the days when the mantra “post daily for growth” held true. The expectation to churn out content every day, both on your feed and stories, is no longer a steadfast rule. The shift in audience expectations towards higher-quality content has reshaped the Instagram landscape.

While daily posting may still benefit those with the capacity to create top-notch content consistently, it’s no longer a guarantee for success. Visual artists can find a balance by focusing on quality over quantity, allowing for more thoughtful and impactful creations.

The Evolution of Hashtags

Hashtags, once considered essential for visibility, have undergone a transformation in their significance. In the past, hashtags were the primary means for audiences to discover specific content. However, with Instagram’s evolving algorithms, the reliance on hashtags has diminished.

Today, Instagram’s search functionality has become more robust, rendering hashtags less pivotal. While some users may still see marginal results from using hashtags, they are no longer a necessity for growth. If you choose to use hashtags, opt for a handful that is highly relevant to your content, ensuring they align with your artistic identity and resonate with your audience.

Crafting Engaging Captions

The era of extensive captions dominating post performance is a thing of the past. With diverse content formats such as photos, carousels, and reels, the importance of lengthy captions has diminished. However, this does not mean captions should be neglected.

Even if you opt for shorter captions, ensure they contain meaningful content and keywords related to your artwork. A well-crafted three sentence post that complements your visual content can enhance engagement. Pay attention to the language used, as it plays a role in helping Instagram understand your content better and know who to show it to.

Reassessing Reels Frequency

The advice to laser focus on Instagram Reels has undergone a shift. While it was once a potent strategy for growth, the dynamics have changed. Instagram’s algorithm has adapted to balance the exposure of different content formats and no longer favors reels over other content.

Reels are still valuable for reaching new audiences and diversifying your posts, but they are no longer the sole pathway to growth as they were a few years ago. Visual artists should feel liberated from the pressure to create reels daily. Balancing your content mix with photos and carousels can be equally effective in achieving your growth objectives.

Understanding the nuances of Instagram’s ever-evolving landscape is vital for visual artists seeking growth. Embrace a strategy that aligns with the quality of your content, judicious use of hashtags, engaging captions, and a balanced mix of content formats. By staying attuned to the platform’s changes, artists can thrive and connect with their audience in meaningful ways in 2024 and beyond.


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