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A Talented Artist Builds a Big Business

by Carolyn Edlund Artist Roza Khaminova’s collection of scarves and wearables has exploded in popularity. How has she dealt with scaling her business and dealing with knockoffs?     When she first opened her business on Etsy, Roza Khaminova never expected to start a small business that would experience explosive growth on an international basis. She started out […]

Instagram Interactive Gallery Sells Your Art

Want to sell more art on Instagram? Here’s one way to drive traffic to your website and increase art sales on your existing e-commerce platform.

Social Media Tips from Lori McNee

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It’s All About Your List

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An Honest Look at Social Media for Artists

When someone likes a post and follows me, I take the time to follow them back, chat with them and thank them for their interest in my work.

Artist Strategies Lead to Regular Online Sales

His fans frequently share his posts, too, causing them to spread far and wide. It’s not unusual to see 50 or 100 shares of each photo, and sometimes more.