Featured Artist Jocelyn Friis

Artist Jocelyn Friis shares a dreamlike portfolio of abstract landscapes, drawn from memories and inspired by nature. See more by visiting her website.


Bold abstract landscape painting by Jocelyn Friis

“New Territory” acrylic, 76 x 76 cm


I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. The Atlantic ocean was on one side of the peninsula and the Indian ocean on the other. Spending endless hours dreamily exploring the outdoors and riding my horse on kilometres of open white beach are some of the childhood experiences that formed my view of the world as a child. They have influenced my creative endeavours as an adult.


Painting of an abstract landscape with road by Jocelyn Friis

“The Way” acrylic, 100 x 50 cm


After moving to New Zealand, where I now live in the seaside town of Mangawhai, I am inspired by my surroundings on a daily basis. I’m particularly delighted that living in New Zealand means one is never far away from the sea.


abstract landscape painting by Jocelyn Friis

“Seasonal Change” acrylic, 32 x 24 cm


My art making has evolved over the years. Being self-taught, I place a big emphasis on research, discovery and endless experimenting. I have delved into many creative genres such as ceramics, photography and printmaking. However, I am always drawn back to my love of painting.


Abstract painting landscape by Jocelyn Friis

“Where Paths Lead” encaustic, 50 x 50 cm


I’m at a place in my creative life where I am loving my work and proudly sharing it, with the view of inspiring and moving others. I understand my process as one of responding to my environment and being open to authentically portraying my emotions, feelings and insights.


Abstract encaustic painting by Jocelyn Friis

“Deep Devotion” encaustic, 25 x 20 cm


My abstract land and seascapes are not a direct replica of specific places. However, I see the subconscious influence of my surroundings coming through in my work. I paint from a place within which is fueled by my time spent in nature, where I become still and listen.


"Through the Unknown" acrylic, 29 x 22 cm

“Through the Unknown” acrylic, 29 x 22 cm


If we take the time and space, there really is a lot that nature can teach us. These revelations are a part of my art process. I intuitively start my paintings, usually not knowing where they will lead.


Dramatic abstract landscape by artist Jocelyn Friis

“Impending Encounter” acrylic, 20 x 20 cm


I paint both in acrylic and encaustic. I love the spontaneity of acrylics, using many layers to achieve the finished work. Working with hot wax is like being in another world. Apart from the wonderful beeswax scent, the fluidity and translucency and exciting effects are a joy to behold!


abstract landscape by Jocelyn Friis

“Unchartered Lands” acrylic 76 x 76 cm


I believe that creativity takes one on a beautiful path to self-discovery and healing. As a qualified facilitator, I encourage others to embark on that journey through offering a space to come and paint, focusing on the process of painting rather than the end product.


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  1. So lovely. Impending Encounter is my favorite.

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