Email Marketing for Artists


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Artsy Shark founder Carolyn Edlund and Marketing Guru Mckenna Hallett
have teamed up to write the definitive guide to Email Marketing for Artists



We surveyed many artists, and marketing is one of their biggest frustrations.

They say that they know email marketing is effective, but aren’t sure how to get started.

Are these problems getting in the way of your success?

  • How to grow an email list
  • How often to send out emails
  • Which services to use to manage effective email campaigns
  • What to say and how to share in email communications
  • How to get emails opened
  • How to avoid “unsubscribes” or being reported as spam
  • How to convert email subscribers into customers

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.Why You Need the Email Marketing for Artists Course.

  • We help you stay connected with people who are interested in your work
  • This course gives you tools for growing relationships, which leads to sales – and repeat sales
  • Email marketing increases your customers’ comfort level, and makes them more likely to say “Yes!” to a sale
  • Happy customers refer others as well. When you stay in touch, you encourage those referrals

What You Will Learn from Email Marketing for Artists.

  • How to create effective emails that reflect your brand and show your work beautifully
  • How to build that important list of potential customers
  • Up-to-date information on email marketing to mobile phones
  • Optimizing that list for increased sales through segmentation
  • How to avoid unsubscribes, spam reports and stay legal
  • Writing subject lines that get your emails opened 
  • Creating Calls to Action that get reactions – and make sales

The Email Marketing Course Package Includes:

  • Easy-to-follow written and video content
  • Charts and marketing examples
  • Step-by-step instructions to create effective email campaigns
  • Checklists to measure your progress
  • Marketing calendar to keep you on track
  • Case studies
  • Email templates
  • Extensive resource list

Plus Even More Bonus Materials!

  • Introduction to Effective Use of a Marketing Calendar for Emails and Social Media Posting
  • Sample and Blank Marketing Calendar for Immediate use in Emails and Social Media Posting
  • 25 Ways to Grow Your Email list – Specifically Tailored For Artists
  • Secrets of Creating Compelling Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened
  • Creating Content That Matters and Keeps Your Clients Engaged
  • Anatomy of a First Ever Email to a New List
  • A Six-Page Listing of Free or Nearly Free Online Resources for Artists
  • Top Do’s and Don’t For Email Best Practices.
  • Sample Form for How to Segment and Tag Your Clients for Better Targeted Messages
  • Blank Form to Create Your Segmentation Categories and Tags
  • What You Need to Know to Send Emails to Canada – Legally
  • How to Determine the Best Time to Send Your Email for Highest Response Rates

This course is delivered as a digital download, which can be easily saved to your desktop. Bonus materials and checklists are all printer-friendly.

Patrica GriffinThough I am actively using email marketing, I learned techniques I can immediately put to use to make my efforts more effective. In some cases, I may have “learned” the information earlier, but needed reminders and clear-cut examples illustrating why certain steps are important. You certainly delivered! These techniques, by themselves, make the course well worth the cost and time. – Ceramic artist Patricia Griffin

Get this course now for $47.00

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Misha thumbnailThank you for this course. I feel it was really made for me as an artist. Now I have a whole list of things I want to do! – Jeweler and painter Misha Seelhoff

Authors Carolyn Edlund and Mckenna Hallett

Co-authors Carolyn Edlund and Mckenna Hallett