Brilliant Idea Increases Art Studio Income Dramatically

By Carolyn Edlund

Are your sales down in a tough economy? Here’s what one art glass studio did to attract customers and put their business into overdrive.


Glass artist Brenda Griffith


While the economy was slowing sales for many businesses, the owners of Siyeh Glass in Atlanta, Georgia came up with an interesting concept. It turned their studio into one of the most popular destinations in their city. Brenda Griffith explains in this video how they created and publicized “Date Night” at Siyeh.

Date Night is an opportunity for couples to have a “unique experience” on a date. They spend several hours with a private instructor, learning glassblowing and kilnforming in a working glass studio. It has become so popular that each week is often booked up with about 22 couples attending (at $165 per couple).

Due to demand, studio space has been increased to accommodate more visitors. New staff was hired. Griffith states that interest runs the gamut through all demographics, and that they sell out frequently.

Dates can be scheduled Thursday through Saturday, in the morning, afternoon or evening. It is usually booked for only one couple in each time slot. Beverages and “nibblies” are provided to enhance the experience. Plans have been made to purchase a soda stream machine for carbonated drinks without creating container waste.



Couples are encouraged to bring their cameras, as one person will be blowing or forming glass while the other observes and can snap photos.

Siyeh Glass is a production studio which wholesales to galleries. They don’t normally retail their art glass, but they do sell supplies and offer classes. An artists’ 10-day open house event happens each year, called “Siyeh Sleigh Ride”. This is an event where art from everyone working at the studio and their friends are sold to the public.

What’s next? Brenda Griffith mentions “team-building events” where groups from the corporate world or other organizations come to the studio to gain skills in working together as teams. It’s a new strategy that promises to make the studio more popular than ever.



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  1. Now that’s thinking outside the box! I think one of the most exciting things about art is business in our modern times is all the different ways we can reach people, from products to experiences.

  2. Great idea!

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