Business Lessons from Your Best Friend

By Carolyn Edlund

Every day we take our dogs out to run, usually at some ball fields near a wooded area. Our big dog Barkley lives to play fetch. In another life he would probably be a professional ball player, most likely in center field.


dog with ball


Since he also likes to chew the covers off, he needs a steady supply of softballs – and he knows where to get them. Beyond the outfield fence, a hill slopes steeply to the woods where he can search in the bushes to find the home run balls. They are always there if you look hard enough.

In your business, do you understand who your target customer is, and do you beat the bushes to find them?


dog going into bushes


Barkley also knows that there are a few foul balls to be found in the woods on the other side of the field, so if need be, he never fails to check there too.

Are you willing to think creatively and modify your strategies to reach your business goals? 




Even though we have a collection of found softballs, sometimes we don’t bring one, and make him find new balls just to keep him sharp. He doesn’t mind, because he is always keen to look for more.

Are you relentless in your pursuit of new business? Do you have a positive attitude about this challenge?



Our little dog Meeka isn’t big enough to hold a softball in her mouth, but that doesn’t stop her. She runs with Barkley and plays with him anyway. Meeka takes delight in what she does and in what others do. Barkley was lonely before we adopted Meeka, but now they are constant companions.

Do you celebrate the successes of others and take part in the spirit of your networking group? And do you find that this comes back to you tenfold, supporting you and building you up? 


two dogs


Sometimes the best part of the day is curling up next to your best friend for a nap after a busy afternoon chasing softballs. 

 What has your best friend taught you?




  1. we can learn a lot from our pups persistence!!

    Barkley & Meeka are just so adorable!!

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