Tattoo by You

Have you ever wanted to design tattoos and earn money doing it? New startup Tattoodo offers an opportunity for artists to do just that.


Flying Owl Tattoo

Flying owl tattoo by artist Jason Corbett


Launched in May 2013, Tattoodo is the brainchild of Danish entrepreneurs Johan (Joe) Penge and Mik Thobo-Carlsen. Their concept was to offer online buyers the chance to have a unique custom made tattoo designed in a contest format. Customers post an idea, and artists from all over the world compete to create the perfect tattoo.

They contacted Ami James from the popular television series Miami Ink, and brought him on board to help out the new company. Ami loved the concept, and Tattoodo was born. Next, they got in touch with the founders of Threadless for some good advice on developing the business – who also became supporters and investors, promoting it to their own large audience of designers.

Mik Thobo-Carlsen explains that a market analysis was done to determine the most important factors involved when getting a tattoo. “46 percent of Americans think that the tattoo has to be something personal – that’s the main issue,” he says. “Tattoodo provides the opportunity to have ideas brought to life by artists from all over the world. During the period of each ten day contest, designs can evolve to create the perfect tattoo designed specifically for you.”


Marie Antoinette tattoo

Marie Antoinette tattoo by artist Claudia De Sabe


What are the benefits for artists?

Contest winners receive $100, $200 or $300 for the design, depending on the initial parameters set by the customer requesting the tattoo. Artists also have the opportunity to develop their portfolio, with their own profile page on the site showing all of their designs. The feedback from customers helps each artist to improve and get experience working with commissions.

Artists are invited to participate in as many contests as they choose too. Thobo-Carlsen estimates some artists have earned several thousand dollars each by designing winning tattoos.

Once the winner is chosen, it is sent to the customer in a PDF file, and they may go to a local tattoo shop to get inked. According to Thobo-Carlsen, “At first we got a lot of questions as to whether tattoo artists in the shop would do somebody else’s design. But in reality, that is what happens every day. So tattoo artists in general don’t have a problem with using somebody else’s designs.”

Interested? If you have ever considered creating tattoos, it’s free to get started, and you may end up with a winning design. Tattoodo is thriving.


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