Artwork in Progress

Is there anything more wonderful than a work of art? Artsy Shark takes you on a tour of our artist friends creating in their studios and on location. Click the link in any caption to see the artist’s portfolio.


Alisa Steady

Artist Alisa Steady with a finished painting. “I love all the color conversations that take place in a painting.”

Roberto Centazzo

Roberto Centazzo of Stonefolio in his photo shop. Cutting stones with his trusty tool, his mosaic hammer version 1.0, no upgrades for the last 2000 years!

Sarah Stone

Sarah Stone, working on a new oil painting, “Afternoon Dream,” in her sunny canyon studio.

Cate McCauley

Cate McCauley burns her detailed illustrations on watercolor paper with a heated metal-tipped pen. 

Ron Bushaw

Ron Bushaw works in his studio on a portrait of Jeff Bridges from the Coen Brothers remake of “True Grit.”

Allison Picone

Artist Allison Coelho Picone places the finishing touch on her Queen Anne’s Lace painting “Pure in Heart.”

Rich Baker

Metal sculptor Rich Baker transforms steel into vibrant manifestations of human, animal and natural form, creating one of a kind works of art.

Betty M. M. Wong

Sitting among splashes of color, Betty M. M. Wong works in her home studio.

Torbjorn Swenelius

Well-dressed photographer Torbjörn Swenelius gets ready for a wildlife session.

Cathy Abramson

Painter Cathy Abramson at work on her urban reflections series.

Sharron Okines

Artist Sharron Okines loves the process of carving a lino plate.

Philip Frey

Philip Frey plein air painting on top of Cadillac Mountain, Maine in Acadia National Park during the summer of 2013.

Michelle Twohig

Artist Michelle Twohig creates a triptych of equine images on her computer.

Mark Waller

Mark Waller doing what he loves best – throwing paint around, and even getting some of it on the canvas!

Helene Messier

Abstract painter Hélène Messier adding a touch of white  to an almost finished up painting.

Carol Bridges

Fiber artist Carol Bridges works on a quilt in her studio.

Betsy Frahm

Betsy Frahm has a beautiful studio in her basement, but she doesn’t like being isolated all the time, so she makes her dining room, kitchen, and even the beach her studio.

Sol Hill

Sol Hill puts in long hours in his Santa Barbara studio finishing work for two shows.

Roberta London

Roberta London gets up close and personal to photograph the Florida landscape.


  1. Carolyn, this is a great idea for a blog post and an inspiring collection of images! It’s always fun to peel back the curtain on the creative process, AND who doesn’t enjoy peeking into the studios and workspaces of fellow creatives? My favorite is the image of Sol Hill – it really captures that frantic, pre-show assembly-line production rush that can be very stressful but also super exciting! Kudos to ALL these artists for creating personal spaces to actively pursue their muse!

    • Thanks, Nikolas – This is part of a series of photo articles featuring artists at work which I’ve been publishing for over a year, and I love to do them. I agree that it’s very cool to take the studio tour, or see how it’s done. I really like the photo of Tjorborn Swenelius in the field – full camo, shooting birds. His weapon? A Nikon D3s with a telephoto lens.

  2. i love these posts where we can peek in on artists working!! very fun!

  3. Cathy Abramson is one of our resident artists and she is a tremendously talented star on the rise….. so glad to see her featured!

  4. Today the cock pheasant had a look at me…

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