Art Licensing Website Connects Artists and Clients

by Carolyn Edlund

Interested in licensing your artwork? Art Licensing Show is a new website where artists, clients and agents can connect and do business. Artsy Shark interviews founder Cherish Flieder.


Art Licensing Show


AS:  What is your main concept?

CF:  Our main goal with (ALSC) is to create a safe and protected place for art licensors to showcase their work online. It’s no secret that art directors, creative directors, and other decision makers sourcing art for manufacturing goods, publishing books and developing apps are extremely pressed for time these days.

Our solution is to develop a centralized location online. Trade members can quickly peruse artwork available for licensing all in one place, with a single password. This will save them time from visiting hundreds of different artist/agent password protected portfolios and having to remember numerous links and logins.

AS: How does the site work?

CF:  Artists who are in the business of licensing their work for commercial use will find this format very helpful. It gives them an additional place to market themselves online. And, they have a completely secure portfolio seen only by licensees they feel would be the best fit for their work. (Artists can’t view the portfolios of other artists on the site, but will be able to see each other’s profile pages.) Art can be shared by “collection” (a group up to 32 image files). Or, view individual “pieces”  from the collection. This gives the licensor complete control over which artwork is seen by whom.

When an art director is on the site, it is easy for them to view, favorite, and request to see additional art. The best part about this solution is that all art shared with a decision maker is searchable by keywords, artists, genres, styles, techniques, subject matter and occasions. Each art director will have a completely unique experience. It’s based on the art shared with them, and their viewing activity is kept 100% private.

Once an art director chooses the art they would like to license, they simply contact the artist or agent directly. Then they can negotiate a licensing deal. Our website doesn’t get in the middle or take a cut. The site is not an art licensing agent, but simply a meeting place. In essence, we provide a “virtual art licensing show.”




AS:  Who can participate?

CF:  Creative directors, art directors, manufacturers and company owners who need to select art for licensing on their products and services are welcome to join at no cost.

Artists, agents, illustrators and photographers who have a body of work suited for licensing may opt to sign up for a special hosting package. Annual membership fees vary, depending on the number of collections and images being showcased. This membership allows licensors to upload and share their collections with art directors through the site. And they can personally invite new art directors to visit and see their work.

Each portfolio membership includes a robust member profile. The profile showcases brand information, logo/banner, featured collections, links to websites, social media, and more. Members can also participate in groups and update their activity wall. Additionally, they are listed in and searchable through the “Ultimate Art Licensing Directory.”


Artists displaying their portfolios on Art Licensing Show


AS:   How long did it take from concept to getting your website launched?

CF:  From the first spark of the idea to our “soft-launch” has been 6 years in the making. I founded the group on LinkedIn in 2008. Since then, it has grown to over 12,000 members internationally. I have been looking for better ways for members to connect and view art for licensing.

There has been upheaval over the years with the major social media outlets claiming royalty-free sub-licensing rights over art that is shared on their platforms. Between that, and the rampant copyright theft going on around the world, artists and licensors are feeling torn. They must decide between keeping their art “safe” and the risk of putting it out on the internet.

I have worked as an artist and designer in several industries over the past decade. I’ve also worked in-house designing products for manufacturing. So I knew some of these major concerns first-hand. I decided to put my design, technology and marketing skills to the test in building this new platform to meet some of these growing needs.

AS:  What are some special features of the site?

CF:  There are so many wonderful features of this new site, but I think key among our benefits is the ability to “connect” with other industry professionals. We have many private specialty groups that members can join. Here they can share in common areas of focus such as trends, greeting cards, textiles, home décor, children’s books and products, character design, crafts, food and wine, and this is just the beginning.

We also have a wonderful new blog platform where we showcase members and share special industry and site related news. Lastly, we have a complete internal messaging system so that licensors and licensees can communicate privately on the site without overloading their traditional inboxes.



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