What’s Killing Your Art Sales?

by Carolyn Edlund

Is your art business about to pass away? Here are some reasons why your sales may be dying.


Skeleton face by www.BlackCatFacePainting.com


Non-existent Website

At this point in time, if you don’t have an art website, there is simply no excuse. You are invisible to virtually the whole world. And if you have one that hasn’t been updated in years, that doesn’t help either. It will look like you’re out of business, or perhaps you’ve expired.

Poor photos, anyone?

Are shoppers inspired to buy after viewing blurry, poorly lit, or overly small photos of your art? Um ….. No. Time to reincarnate your portfolio as a stunning visual feast for the viewer!

They’re not hearing what they need to know

What is it that you really do? Don’t keep them guessing. You have to tell your story, and share your inspiration and your process. Use that story to grab attention and use your message to let shoppers know how much they will love becoming one of your collectors. And give them the details, on how to order, shipping times, the whole nine yards. The more comfortable they feel, the more likely to pull out their wallets. Isn’t that better than being six feet under?

You aren’t staying in touch

Incommunicado with the world? One of the most effective things you can do is build that email list of interested prospects, and send out a monthly blast to keep them in the loop. If you don’t stay in front of your audience, you are forgotten. And that’s deadly.

No one knows how to buy

You don’t list prices? Or have a shopping cart? No one is going to force you to sell to them. They’ll just go elsewhere and make a purchase from a more customer-friendly artist. One more nail in the coffin for your business.

You’re beyond reach

If you don’t have your contact information plastered all over, your sales could perish. Emerge into the land of the living by sharing your phone and email on your website, and in all of your marketing materials.

Feed the conversation

Engage on social media. Solicit comments on your blog. Speak to admirers of your art in person. Encourage their interest. Then, follow up promptly to close the sale. Take action to breathe life back into your art business.


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