Featured Artist Barbara Krupp

Dreamy imagery with points of color and texture fill artist Barbara Krupp’s canvases. Please visit her website to see more of her beautiful paintings.


A Blue Beauty

“Blue Beauty” Acrylic, 40″ x 30″


My life as a painter over the past years has gathered momentum in ways I never anticipated. Professional recognition in the form of increased solo, group and now museum shows has given me encouragement.


The Tale of Hansel with Gretel

“The Tale of Hansel with Gretel” Acrylic, 44″ x 60″


I believe my expressive potential has begun to mature. I have had three museum shows in the last three years. I was in a group show at the Toledo Museum of Art in Toledo, Ohio and a one person show titled “Restoration, Recycling and Remembering” at the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio. I just finished a show titled “Cubes of Life,” which explored life from birth to death and all the parts in between at the Garrett Museum of Art in Garrett, Indiana.


Emphasis on Circles

“Emphasis on Circles” Acrylic, 48″ x 36″


My early paintings were of fluid natural scenes. Now I am working on representing depth, characterized by spatial formulations with freedom that still have focal points in abstraction.


This Side of the Third Meridian

“This Side of the Third Meridian” Acrylic, 36″ x 36″


My work today is expressionistically abstract but with a core of representational underlay. It may not be clear even to me, but there’s something in there. I work in acrylic, oil stick and pastels. I also work with collage, using primarily paper and fabric.


The Mathematics of Love

“The Mathematics of Love” Acrylic, 48″ x 36″


I feel travel changes one’s self more than anything else in the world. It is a challenge if you travel as I do. I do little planning and then allow room for error along the way, with the possibilities of getting lost. That is when the magic happens.


Revisiting the Villa

“Revisiting the Villa” Acrylic, 40″ x 60″


Pre-conceptual ideas are gone with the wind. What is in front of you is new and when painting time begins, a new myriad of visions and colors appear.


The Courtship of Emily

“The Courtship of Emily” Acrylic, 30″ x 30″


I am working on a new series titled, “Walls and Sidewalks.” After my last trip to Sicily where I visited the ruins, mosaics and old architecture, my paintings have again changed and grown to a new level.


Artist Barbara Krupp in Ohio Barn Studio

Artist Barbara Krupp in Ohio Barn Studio


My goal is a large one. I want to show at the Whitney Museum and why not aim for the Venice Biennale and anything in between and beyond…?


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  1. This Side of the Third Meridian is my favorite. It reminds me of waves breaking on shore.

    • Dear Martha, Thank you for your kinds comments. I get the feel of the ocean with this piece. I live by the ocean and love the soothing sounds and beauty. My new work has received a lot of attention and I am so excited to be on Artsyshark.com Barbara

  2. Wonderful work, Barbara! The simplified lines give everything so much more depth – I feel I can get lost in there!

  3. Dear Lisa, I have had many different bodies of work. I feel each one is a continuation and inclusion of all the styles over the years. I think that is the reason for the depth. And when you get “lost” I hope you find joy and peace. Thank you Barbara

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