Painter’s Showcase

Artsy Shark invited some friends to share their artwork and their inspiration.


Victoria Page Miller with her painting “Hexidecimal dream f" - see the Painter's Showcase at


Victoria Page Miller

“Hexidecimal dream f” is exploring ideas about dreams, dreaming and the sometimes blurred lines in between. Paying attention to dreams and acting upon them is key to living more authentically.


"Through a Forest Wilderness" by Yossi Sigura. See the Painter's Showcase at


Yossi Sigura

As an artist I strive to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the beauty and magic of nature, focusing more on the mood and color of a subject rather than its details.


"Blessed Covering" by artist Deborah Hanes-Nelson. See her in the Painter's Showcase at


Deborah Hanes-Nelson

“Blessed Covering” was inspired by my love of the Flint Hills of my native Kansas and the activities of small town and rural Great Plains.


Nataliya Gurshman "Sunset". See her work in the Painter's Showcase at


Nataliya Gurshman

The sunset was fascinating… The depth of the shadows and the vibrant lights were irresistible… The room had ripped wall paper with water stains and a cold shower… but once you opened the window… you saw the beauty! I used both brushes and palette knife…


Artist Shirley Cleary with painting


Shirley Cleary

I fell in love with western landscape and fly fishing when I moved to Montana. I have also been blessed to live, paint and fish in beautiful places including New Zealand and Arizona.


"Curtains of Rainforests" by artist Donna Maloney. See her art in the Painter's Showcase at


Donna Maloney

I paint in happy colours to share my love of life, and the energy that I see in nature. When I walk in a rainforest the world around me sparkles with vibrancy and my art allows me to share this experience with those I love and who love art. My signature style incorporates inspirational words, affirmations and text in some works. The use of collage and mixed media are other techniques that I like to include in my work.


"Crow" by Alison Newth. See this painting in the Painter's Showcase at


Alison Newth

This acrylic painting was inspired by a real crow that frequents the home of a friend; it is currently hanging on display at Peace Gallery North, in Fort St. John, BC.


"Mia" by artist Linda D'Elia. See her work in the Painter's Showcase at


Linda D’Elia

I love to paint children. Vibrant, fresh color is used to attract your interest and invite you into a child’s life. I aim to capture kids, big and little, playing, experimenting, and discovering.  Mia at 6 is my great niece.  I used my new tube of viridian to paint her dress, such a sublime color! Capturing a likeness is a process of sculpting the features of the face, pushing edges, shadows and highlights around until I feel that I’ve reached a realistic effect.


Teresa Espaniola's painting is shown in the Painter's showcase at


Teresa Espaniola

Combining my love of the ocean with my love of art inspires me to create havens on canvas for anyone to immerse themselves in. Let’s get our feet wet!


Mauri Virtanen's watercolor "The Little Girl and the Horse" is part of the Painter's Showcase at


Mauri Virtanen

I depicted this watercolor titled “The Little Girl and The Horse” and others, because I have always had a love for horses and nature and because I am captivated by the things in the way they are.



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  3. Thank you for your feature! It is an honor and thrill to be included among such talent. I love seeing the varied approaches in painting, and finding out about other artists. You find such passion here! Merry Christmas, Carolyn and warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!

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