Artists Celebrate Nature

Nature has always been an inspiration and influence for artists. We asked some artist friends to share work that celebrates nature. Click each name to visit their website.


Artwork by Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr


Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr

“Tuscan Sentinels” expresses my love of the intense colors I see in nature paired with my love of gorgeous Italy. What a perfect combination!


Artwork by Vivien Rhyan


Vivien Rhyan

Painting nature is a constant inspiration. Whether a spectacular sunset or the delicate, brilliant colors in a flower or butterfly, nothing compares. My paintings should convey inspiration, excitement, good feelings.


Photograph by Tal Paz-Fridman


Tal Paz-Fridman

The inspiration for the image is my personal fascination with the sea. I feel a deep connection to the sea, for it acts as a link between me and all that is on this planet, past and present.


Artwork by Patricia Schneider-Mitchell


Patricia Schneider-Mitchell

Spending ten years in Canada’s north inspired many watercolour paintings. Much of my art tells a story with some imagination thrown in. This autumn scene is just one.


Artwork by MaryTess Mayall


MaryTess Mayall

My work is inspired by illustrations and diagrams I find in vintage books. Using the transparent quality of charcoal, I enjoy juxtaposing the impermanence of nature over abstract backgrounds.


Artwork by David Smith


David Smith

I strive to make my ocean-inspired artwork as vibrant as the marine life, reefs and oceans we are trying to protect. I hope to help promote marine life conservation for the world’s oceans, now and into the future with my artwork.


Artwork by Victoria Veloso


Victoria Velozo

I enjoy the challenge of surrealism; bridging together reality and the imagination. Over two decades, I have learnt to paint realistic elements of nature which I then overlay with color, textures and contrasting collage for a contemporary dreamlike experience for the viewer.


Photograph by Natalie Rotman Cote


Natalie Rotman Cote

“Here it comes” is a photograph that was taken as a hurricane moved off the coast of New Hampshire, USA. My goal was to capture the power of the water.


Artwork by Gail Austin


Gail Austin

Nature and her energies can teach us so much about life if we listen. My “Spiritual Series” is a natural way for me to share my experience of that richness.


Artwork by Alana Clumeck


Alana Clumeck

I draw my inspiration from the simple God given beauty in nature that surrounds us. I intensify my use of colors and texture, through thick strokes and a palette knife.


Photography by Johnny Nicoloro


Johnny Nicoloro

My floral joy definitely comes from my childhood and my mother’s garden. I still get some of my favorite shots there. However, these tulips, Gerberas and Matsumoto asters come from Trader Joe’s! I have taken that simple love and complicated it with my nonstop mind. Creating double exposures done in the camera. Two consecutive thoughts in the same frame.


Artwork by Margaret Huntley Harrison


Margaret Huntley Harrison

This  painting is a child’s view, peeking through the lush spring flowering at the motorcade of the powerful passing by.


Artwork by Brooke Sauer


Brooke Sauer

Using a variety of media to illustrate the stories of my imagination, my work is inspired by nature and infused with mystery, embracing the whimsical and absurd.


Artwork by Linda Hendrickon


Linda Hendrickson

While dog walking, Molly and I pass a little lake where on sunny mornings there is an entire log full of red-eared sliders. We never manage to get close, but I enjoy recreating the moment before they disappear into the water on canvas with mixed media.


Artwork by Diane Miller


Diane Miller

My tissue paper collage art embodies the spirit of childhood with vibrant colors and rich texture. Following in the fanciful footsteps of Eric Carle, I explore experiences of animals in their environments.


Photography by Denise Valentin


Denise Valentin

I love shooting nature and wildlife in Florida not only because it is beautiful, but it also helps to ground me and give me inner peace. The pictures I choose to share and sell are based upon the feeling I get from the composition of the picture. For me, balance and beauty are key to all my photographs.


Photograph by Anita Getzler


Anita Getzler

Observing what often goes unobserved, my lens captures fleeting moments of nature’s grace. In this instance, time and space paused as sand and water offered this lyrical image.


Artwork by Michelle Dinelle


Michelle Dinelle

Spring’s arrival after a long Canadian winter inspired these cheerful, delicate flowers opening on a background of blue sky. My signature “dots” dance on the canvas in celebration!


Photograph by James Benda


James Benda

I strive to give viewers a sense of the beauty and tranquility I experience as I travel through the natural world.


Artwork by Robin Hawkins


Robin Hawkins

Wildflowers are so free to grow in a vast field or a forest in small patches. Being among the wildflowers and the creatures they draw is good for the soul.


Artwork by Sorrel Wills


Sorrel Wills

This gaggle of geese waddled past me in a park where all the animals were tame. I love capturing sunlight and joy of days like these in oils.


Artwork by Patricia van Dokkum


Patricia van Dokkum

This is my smooth collie “Zoe” who always accompanies me on my nature walks. The picture was drawn with marker, and was inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.


Photograph by Heidi Zator


Heidi Zator

Capturing nature as it lives and breathes is my inspiration. My art focuses on its splendor. I love creating photos in a way the human eye rarely sees.


Artwork by Carrie Jacobson


Carrie Jacobson

I love the natural world and the creatures in it. I paint with a knife, and that helps me capture the mood, light and movement that inspire me.


Artwork by Joanna Marie


Joanna Marie

Art is magic, and I always try to capture a bit of it in my drawings. I wanted this drawing to evoke power but also peace and gentleness.


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  1. Barbara Dougherty says

    What a wonderful collection of art, I love it, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Thank you Carolyn for including my artwork in this beautiful article alongside such talented artists.

  3. Thx for including my artwork

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