Art and the Great Outdoors

Celebrate the beauty of the great outdoors!  We invited some artist friends to share their work and what inspires them. Click each name to visit their website.


Artwork by Carrie B Jacobson.


Carrie B. Jacobson

I’ve just returned from a painting trip to Montana and Wyoming, and places in between. The vastness of the landscape, the rich autumn colors, the big sky and even bigger sense of possibility, this is what inspired me.


Artwork by Barbara Adams


Barbara Bemis Adams

Distilling the time I spend in the woods, around the lakes and streams, and moving further into an abstraction of color and composition, is taking me on a journey of discovery both challenging and sustaining.


Artwork by Marion Webber


Marion Webber

My work is a visceral connection to nature, blending realism and expressionism. I like to notice the ordinary and paint it to become extraordinary. My paintings are both real and imagined.


Photograph by Tom Kostes


Tom Kostes

I have loved the outdoors since I was a kid, growing up on my grandfather’s farm. In this image I love the colors, the light, and how the image seems to fade into infinity.


Artwork by Linda Ravella


Linda Ravella

To me, painting involves capturing the essence of the uniqueness of what I see and feel in the subject. People enjoying life, and my love for late afternoon shadows inspired me to paint this scene of people ice skating at “Frog Pond” in Boston, Massachusetts.


Artwork by Leanne Hamilton


Leanne Hamilton

“Flying Home” is a hopeful painting about an early morning, bathed in warm pinks, yellows and blues and three geese flying off together. My images come to me from my meditations and I feel that is reflected here. This brings to mind a quote from Henry David Thoreau, “You cannot perceive beauty but with a serene mind.”


Artwork by Marcia Crumley


Marcia Crumley

Nature is a source of limitless inspiration for me. I never tire of its fast-moving weather and moods, and watching the clouds and light dance across the water, mountains and woods.


Artwork by Ann Trainor Domingue


Ann Trainor Domingue

My work is inspired by the hardworking lifestyle of local people, along with the varied landscapes found throughout New England. I combine and weave many aspects together in a semi-abstract design approach, creating layered painterly surfaces with expressive color.


Artwork by Tanya Joiner Slate


Tanya Joiner Slate

My art is comprised of energetically applied colors, layered, texture upon texture. Then the scratching of the surface, uncovering what lies beneath, reveals the unexpected. The materials used – paper, wood, burlap, beeswax – all help contribute to the organic nature of my work.


Artwork by Kadira Jennings


Kadira Jennings

“The Long Road to Freedom” is from my series highlighting the physical and psychological terrain traversed by refugees as they flee their homeland. They are literally in the great outdoors with no shelter or security.


Photograph by Dawn Whitmore


Dawn Whitmore

Art and the outdoors fit cohesively together in my barnscape photography. The opportunity to showcase and preserve our country’s agricultural landscape through photography is an exciting adventure.


Artwork by Snow Dollkinson


Snow Dollkinson

Using mixed media, I create paintings that respond to each other in a vibrant choreography, some figurative and organic, some geometrical and abstracts.


Artwork by Shea Ketcham


Shea Ketcham

The natural world juxtaposes intriguing color notes, abstract forms, and design elements for study. My camera captures the raw material; Photoshop distills it.  I use soft pastels to paint vivid florals, still lifes with fruit and Montana landscapes.


Artwork by Len Ciccio


Len Cicio

I live in Inwood Park, the last natural forest in the northern tip of Manhattan. This drawing by the Henry Hudson Bridge shows the beauty and power of nature in its raw and organic state.


Artwork by Audrey Key Dowling


Audrey Kay Dowling

Twenty acres of woods that are adjacent to a gorge in western New York inspire me daily. Using paint, clay or mixed media, my work captures the many moods, lines, colors and textures of nature.


Photography by Melissa Fague


Melissa Fague

“Calming Morning” is a stunning landscape photograph of a historic stone wall in Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington, Delaware, with a single tree standing in the middle of a field on a foggy morning. This photograph was created to capture the calmness of the scene on the quiet morning before the sun could burn off the dense fog that seemed to cling to the land.


Artwork by Susan Marx


Susan Marx

Nature is my frame of reference. I am concerned with light and what light does to color, which is why I call myself an Abstract Impressionist and A Painter Who Loves Color.


Photography by Kiauna Yvette


Kiauna Yvette

I photograph so that you can see how I view the world through my eyes and the passion, joy, and inspiration that nature brings. When I’m in nature I feel peace. I hope that my passion inspires others to achieve greatness!


Artwork by Gerry Robins


Gerry Robins

If you can place yourself in my painting, you can almost hear the sound of the bird gently wading through the shallows. So peaceful. If you feel this, then I have accomplished my goal.


Artwork by Betty Pinkston


Betty Pinkston

Our awesome world is an inspiration to me every day. Everything from a small ripple in a stream, to a beautiful morning sunrise, wonders that will keep me painting always!


Artwork by H.K. Anne


H.K. Anne

Most of my landscapes are up close and complicated, which I feel reflects our time in history. I translate my photos of the landscape to canvas conveying a feeling rather than place recognition.


Artwork by SuZahn King


Suzahn King

As they say here in Costa Rica, “Pura Vida.” Art is life here, surrounded by a pallet of a thousand colors, constantly changing, constantly renewing. My inspiration to paint is everywhere; the jungle, the people.


Artwork by Sally Sharp


Sally Sharp

My art is constantly inspired by the world around us – land & sky. I am obsessed with its ethereal  light, however, I prefer to play with it, rather than treat it in a “literal” sense.


Artwork by Betty Sullivan


Betty Sullivan

The subjects I choose to paint spark in me the need to create. This picture was painted using a plein air sketch. Plein Air painting is for me the most magical pursuit of all.


Artwork by Karole Longbrake


Karole Longbrake

I have been on a year-long study into the movement and power of big wave surfing. I try to capture the richness in color of the waves in a way that still looks like a painting.


Artwork by Jennifer Keresztes


Jennifer Keresztes

I love being outdoors and taking in the imagery, colors, shapes, patterns and textures of the natural world. My encaustic and mixed media compositions often explore the concepts of nature’s beauty, growth, changes and destruction.



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