New Educational Resource for the Art Community

by Carolyn Edlund

Forward-thinking art professor Clara Lieu has brought a high-quality resource for art education to life through Art Prof. And this online learning tool is completely free!


ART PROF is a Kickstarter Project to raise funds to support free online art education


I’m thrilled to have been a supporter of Art Prof through it’s Kickstarter campaign that began last summer, and to see the amazing results that have been achieved so far. Conceived by Rhode Island School of Design adjunct professor Clara Lieu, the concept is to provide a free educational platform that teaches, supports and provides feedback for visual artists everywhere. Their successful campaign has resulted in a vibrant website filled with videos, encouragement and inspiration.

Some of the features on this new learning site are courses in drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture, which are currently in the process of being rolled out. Each course is presented through videos, with step-by-step instructions on how to take your project from beginning to end. Take the course, then submit the work you created for a critique by posting it on Instagram!

Critiques are presented on the site, also through videos. Learn from the faculty’s comments and observations of other people’s art, as well as your own. The critique element is an important part of art school. You can benefit from the experience here, presented by professionals, without the tuition cost.

Another feature of Art Prof is Art Dares which is a motivator for artists that presents a monthly project. Teaching assistant Yves-Olivier Mandereau explains, “Sometimes you need a little spark to get the creative juices flowing.”

Sign up for Art Dare notifications, and get involved with artists everywhere who are working on their own interpretations of the monthly theme. Submit your project, which may get exposure through the critique video, or even win a prize.

Art Prof also offers tips for professional development, with topics such as Careers, Strategy, Promotion and more.

Consider becoming a supporter of Art Prof, to keep this online educational resource thriving!



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