Up Close

The theme of this collection of work by a group of artist friends focuses on taking a close up look at the world. Click on each name to visit their website.


Artwork by Brenda Salamone


Brenda Salamone

The intricate details of natural crystals and stones, examined up close, create beautiful worlds of their own to behold. I paint them with layers of color, interspersed with metallics and iridescent pigments.


Artwork by Bill Deskin


Bill Deskin

I am drawn to lines, shapes, and forms in the world around me – the way they interact and the borders between them.  My hope is to help others see what is easily overlooked.


Photo by S. Brian Berkun


S. Brian Berkun

I have always been intrigued by shape and texture, and I include color as another one of the elements of my compositions. These images evoke emotional connections, nostalgic memories and shared experiences for many generations.


Artwork by Jennifer Lawton


Jennifer Lawton

The intent of my artwork is to explore the zone between enormous and minute, close and far, simple and detailed. I paint colourful subjects that I find in the field, garden, or at the market. I tend to zero in on a small part and then enlarge it to oversize to give it impact and to draw attention to these (often) unnoticed details.


Artwork by Telagio Baptista


Telagio Baptista

Through expressive and diversified approaches, I offer the viewer a portal into themselves through the process of emotional flow and subject connection through ‘Deteriorating Boxcar.’ My intention is to allow the eye of the beholder see what his/her soul wishes to embrace through a detailed watercolor painting.



Artwork by Dominique McKenzie


Dominique McKenzie

Everything inspires me to paint, but particularly the close up shots of my surroundings, detailed designs of the world we live in. I paint what I see in an abstract format with a touch of reality and minimal words.


Artwork by Wolfgang Sagmeister


Wolfgang Sagmeister

My work is based on the  Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi,  the aesthetics of the uncompleted,  unfinished and ending, focusing on the orchestration of simple and  minimal objects and light.


Photograph by Denise Solay


Denise Solay

I hadn’t thought of New York walls as exotic, like those of Morocco, or India. But, when I started to look more closely at the walls I passed every day, I began to appreciate their amazing, abstract beauty.


Artwork by Anita Rodriguez


Anita Rodriguez

I’ve long been fascinated with the beauty of nature. But as time passes, that initial awe has mellowed into a deeper appreciation. The tangled branches, fallen leaves and immovable rocks have come to reflect the Divine nature.


Artwork by Brook Overline


Brook Overline

I am recognized for my large scale narrative landscapes.  Utilizing unexpected textures and palettes to create an emotional response to my watercolors, I bend reality, evoking a sense of collision on a single plane.



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