Three Fun Apps to Help Your Art Marketing

by Carolyn Edlund

Want to share your art creatively through social media? These apps give you new ways to use your images, and they’re absolutely free!


Artwork shown in a gallery setting with Photofunia. See the article at

Create a fun gallery setting for your art with Photofunia. Artist credit: Heather Davis.



Create all kinds of effects, and place your art in settings that vary from a billboard, to an open magazine, to an art gallery! This free phone app gives you a delightful way to present your work, tell your story, surprise your fans and make a splash. Simply download the app, upload your art, and choose from hundreds of ways to express yourself! Art won’t be shown to scale, but you can definitely start a conversation with this type of presentation. Perfect for a social media post.


Want your artwork to appear as though it's on the side of a building? Read about the Photofunia app at

Billboards, buildings and other outdoor settings are available on Photofunia. Artist credit: Heather Davis.



This useful app is a serious tool that helps artists show their work in situ. You can take a photo of a wall, add an art image taken at a fair, and show it to scale. Or, choose from room views available already on the app and let your artwork shine in those environments. Could be a great way to share a reminder photo of art that a potential customer was considering at a fair!


Artwork shown in situ with the ArtSee app. Read about it at

In situ artwork is a snap with ArtSee. Artist credit: Heather Davis.



Create whole stories using this app to share your art, what inspires you and more. Stories can be built from still photos or videos, and include sound. Each Steller user builds their own Collection of individual stories, which can be viewed and “liked” by others on the platform, driving up the popularity and the exposure of the story. These stories can then be shared through other social media channels as well.


Samples of Artsy Shark’s Steller stories about artists.


What apps and tools do you recommend for preparing images for social sharing?


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  1. Great info, just what I needed. Thanks

  2. Absolutely LOVE the Photofunia app!!! I get so many responses whenever I post using this app.

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