Interpreting the Human Figure

The human form comes in many shapes and sizes. We present the work of artist friends who use different approaches to figurative work. Click on each name to visit their website.


"Gang of Girls in Sneakers" by Pam Hamilton


Pam Hamilton

While many of my paintings are reflections on solitude and the quietness of meditation, I also love to explore the concept of relationships.


"Le Pied Connecte" by Hildegarde Handsaeme. See her portfolio by visiting


Hildegarde Handsaeme 

My work is very personal. My art has no boundaries, is not subject to strict laws, and is difficult to put into words.


Figurative Painting by Dee Van Houten. See her portfolio by visiting


Dee Van Houten

My artistic expression in figurative work blends curvilinear stylization with decoration and aesthetics. I strive to capture the art nouveau style using sinuous, graceful, rhythmic fluid lines, interlaced patterns and other motifs inspired by nature.


"Dream Big" by Lisa Cirenza. See her portfolio by visiting


Lisa Cirenza

In “Dream Big,” a small boy dares to dream big. Against all odds, he is now inspiring others to dare to do the same as the youngest black mayor of Stockton, California. I LOVED creating this art for him, a truly inspirational story.


"Heads Up" by Judith Visker. See her portfolio by visiting


Judith Visker

My imagery often recognizes the importance of shelter to mankind.


"Lovers" by Ronda Richley. See her portfolio by visiting


Ronda Richley

I am a tree lover. I see trees differently and give them human characteristics. Call them dryads, figures or spirits—they are what you want them to be. Each work is a story being told, and you are to find the ending. So take a closer look and discover what lies within.


"On the Edge" by Sharon Sieben. See her portfolio by visiting


Sharon Sieben

I am always intrigued by the play of light and color as it dips into the shadows and contours of the human form. It’s what guides my brush on the canvas.


"Her Glory" by Sian Pampellone. See her portfolio by visiting


Sian Pampellonne

My nudes are deliberately raw, unadulterated and devoid of enhancement celebrating the formidable feminine form. These pieces are ethereal and honor the essence of a woman instead of focusing solely on a woman’s physical attributes.


"Anticipation" by Rosemary Colyer. See her portfolio by visiting


Rosemary Colyer

Painting figuratively enables me to invite you into my world. I share with you a storyline, which may take you where you choose, or perhaps an emotion which you feel in response to my subject.


"Self Portrait" by Virginia Dupuis. See her portfolio by visiting


Virginia Dupuis

I enjoy the directness of portraiture, especially self-portraits. I want to capture emotional honesty behind the gaze, in turn, inviting the viewer into the emotions evoked by the sitter.


"Resplendent Looking Ahead" by Vasu Tolia. See her portfolio by visiting


Vasundhara Tolia

I love to represent the splendor of nature and the diversity of humanity by depicting their moods, in vivid colors either abstracted or in realistic forms. The correct splash of colors makes the subject come alive.


"Father and Daughter" by Shante' Young. See her portfolio by visiting


Shante’ Young

I have a raw style that captures expression with the simplest techniques/materials while exemplifying a volume of richness to every piece. I describe my figurative work as art that “captures the human spirit.”


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  1. I liked the work s of Judith Visker and Virginia Dupuis.

  2. It’ a pleasure to include all of these wonderful artists in this showcase!

  3. Bradly Walgrave says

    Wonderful artists indeed. I can’t stop looking at the piece by Visker. Definitely a big fan.

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