Featured Artist Marc Garrison

With a focus on line and layering, artist Marc Garrison uses paint and digital media to create expressive abstract images. Enjoy and learn more by visiting his website.


"Purple Chaos" Acrylic on Paper, 18" x 26"

“Purple Chaos” Acrylic on Paper, 18″ x 26″


I have a Fine Arts degree from Wayne State University, and I focus on exploration and experimentation using paint and digital media.


"Face It" Fusion Art, 18" x 24"

“Face It” Fusion Art, 18″ x 24″


My work combines digital art with natural paint and drawing tools to produce a cohesive body of work.


"Red Square" Digital Print on Metal, 22" x 30"

“Red Square” Digital Print on Metal, 22″ x 30″


I engage the viewer to see how I break down these walls of differing mediums and converge them into exciting works of art. Having shown my work at several art shows, my art is gaining traction and getting noticed by many people.


"Moving Through the Paces" Fusion Art, 22" x 36"

“Moving Through the Paces” Fusion Art, 22″ x 36″


My background as a photographer and printmaker has allowed me to cultivate a powerful relationship with various forms of paper, and I appreciate the fine qualities that paper can express.


"Shades of Grey" Acrylic on Board, 28" x 40"

“Shades of Grey” Acrylic on Board, 28″ x 40″


Paper can be a remarkably resilient and delicate material. Starting with a digital drawing, I apply monotype inks to plexiglass to add expressive line drawings to the image. A roller with thinned acrylic paint adds further texture to the composition. Thin lines applied as a last technique add form and dimension to the artwork.


"Stepping Out" Fusion Art, 22" x 28"

“Stepping Out” Fusion Art, 22″ x 28″


In my artwork, I like to explore depth and layers as they relate to longevity and second chances in life, peeling back the paper to see deeper levels by uncovering forgotten colors, shapes, and lines.


"Unstable Foundation" Fusion Art, 22" x 30"

“Unstable Foundation” Fusion Art, 22″ x 30″


I then strengthen these forgotten elements to illustrate themes of reinvention.


"Boomerang" Fusion Art, 22" x 30"

“Boomerang” Fusion Art, 22″ x 30″


We often learn and develop through experimentation, mistakes and miscues. Through my methods, I emphasize the concepts of challenge and recovery.


"Primary Movement" Fusion Art, 18" x 30"

“Primary Movement” Fusion Art, 18″ x 30″


I investigate the human condition including aging, health concerns and mental fitness and illustrate these themes through the beauty, fragility and resilience of paper.


"Walk in the Park" Fusion Art, 20" x 32"

“Walk in the Park” Fusion Art, 20″ x 32″


My goals are to keep refining my approach. I want to develop my ideas through studio work and my deep reservoir of source materials. I enjoy writing about my work and other artistic endeavors on my blog and other social media platforms. Finally, I plan to increase my visibility through shows and online sales.


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