Featured Artist Steve Bennett

Steve Bennett uses both traditional photography and digitally transformed images to create art that stirs the imagination. Enjoy his portfolio and visit his website to see more.


"Abandoned Dreams" Photograph of deteriorating buildings set against a mountain range by Steve Bennett

“Abandoned Dreams” Photograph on Metal, 18″ x 18″


I started taking photographs fifty years ago in the age of film photography. Today, I take and make digital images of the world as seen (traditional photographs) and the world as I have reimagined it (photo-based collages).


"Storm Traveler" Black and white photo of a busy street seen through a fogged door by Steve Bennett

“Storm Traveler” Photograph on Archival Pigment Paper, 14″ x 14″


My traditional photographs include poignant moments on the street, urban compositions that reveal the extraordinary within the mundane, macro and closeup images that reveal astonishing hidden realms in the world about us, and awe-inspiring landscapes that remind us of the grand scale of nature and our place within it.


"Disk Full" Photo Collage of a close up of a computer disk by Steve Bennett

“Disk Full” Photo Collage on Metal, 24″ x 24″


My images of the world reimagined dissolve the boundaries between “what is” and “what if” between the actual and the possible. They create a tension between the predictable and unpredictable.


"The Platform" Photo Collage of a train platform by Steve Bennett

“The Platform” Photo Collage on Metal, 24″ x 24″


I use a combination of macro photography and digital transformation techniques such as blending and layering to create composite “microscapes” and abstracts that make small worlds large and large worlds small. The works are rendered on metal and canvas, and in multimedia formats.


"Harbor 1" Photo Collage of boats in a marina by Steve Bennett

“Harbor 1″ Photo Collage on Metal, 24″ x 24”


My work intentionally challenges viewers—can they spot the differences between what is and what might be?


"Last Stop" Photo Collage of a train platform at night by Steve Bennett

“Last Stop” Photo Collage on Metal, 12″ x 12″


Can they lose themselves in the suspense and mystery of alternate realities?


"The Subversive" Photo Collage of rows of silver implements with one in red by Steve Bennett

“The Subversive” Photo Collage on Metal, 18″ x 18″


Are they willing to suspend their own take on the world and reimagine the world as my artwork suggests it could be?


"Moon Shot" Photograph of the moon as seen through interlaced branches by Steve Bennett

“Moon Shot” Photograph on Metal, 24″ x 24″


Can they set aside their disbelief long enough to view things in a new way, through my lens?


"Mystery Mountains" Black and white photograph of a mountain range by Steve Bennett

“Mystery Mountains” Photograph on Archival Pigment Paper, 32″ x 20″


My work has been displayed in juried and member events sponsored by the Cambridge Art Association (Cambridge, MA), Gallery Twist (Lexington, MA), the Concord Center for Visual Arts (Concord, MA), and the Cambridge Arts Council (Cambridge, MA).


"Ubehebe Crater" Photograph of the Ubehebe Crater by Steve Bennett

“Ubehebe Crater” Photograph on Metallic Paper, 24″ x 24″


One piece was exhibited as part of Cambridge Art’s juried National Prize Show in May, 2019. Four of my canvas and metallic paper microscapes (each 48” x 48”) were on display for a year in Google’s lobby in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. I have also had three solo exhibitions at local venues.


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