Featured Artist Lisa Botto Lee

Artist Lisa Botto Lee creates striking portraiture in a variety of mediums. See more of her memorable portfolio by visiting her website.


Pastel drawing of a baby being held by its mother by Lisa Botto Lee

“A Mother’s Love” Pastel, 22″ x 30″


I grew up in Northern New Jersey, part of a family of artists. My lineage traces back five generations to mural painters in Northern Italy. I can’t help but believe all of this played an instrumental role in my life leading me in the direction of art.


Graphite drawing of three horses by Lisa Botto Lee

“The Three Amigos” Graphite, 18” x 14”


It just came naturally that I would pursue a career in the arts because creating, whether it was drawing or painting, brought me peace. I feel grateful to be a part of this chain.


Oil painting of an ewe and her lamb by Lisa Botto Lee

“Ewe & Me” Oil, 22” x 28”


Although I live in the south, my northern roots never left me. Autumn has long been one of my favorite seasons because of the richness of its colors. I can’t help but make the connection of where I am and where I am going as an artist. I work in graphite, charcoal, pastel and oil, and I find my palette of colors evolving to the rustic, warm, earthy tones and a strong desire to be closer to nature.


Graphite and Charcoal portrait of a Native American woman with a quiver of arrows by Lisa Botto Lee

“Fearless” Charcoal and Graphite, 37” x 38”


It is those warm colors that has led me in the direction of creating a series of American and wildlife art which encompasses portraits, figurative, animals, still life and landscapes. I am currently in the beginning stages, and I am so excited to embark on this journey.


Oil portrait of a woman in front of a dream catcher by Lisa Botto Lee

“The Dream Catcher” Oil, 24” x 36”


The threads of life that have been woven by the Native American Indians, the animals that roamed the land freely and the first pioneer settlers that crossed our country created a historical tapestry that should always be remembered.


Oil painting of an American Bison by Lisa Botto Lee

“The Last of the Breed” Oil, 48” x 30”


I feel moved to record these stories with my art for preservation and create awareness for the conservation of animals.


Pencil portrait of an old man with flowing white hair and beard by Lisa Botto Lee

“A Wrinkle in Time” Graphite, 22” x 30”


I also enjoy telling someone else’s story when I am commissioned for a portrait.


Graphite portrait of a bride named Keisha by Lisa Botto Lee

“Keisha” Graphite, 22” x 30”


A simple gesture or look in someone’s eyes can tell so much. It could be a bride on her wedding day, the way her groom wants to remember “that moment” or a wise old man looking back on his life with so much wisdom.


Graphite portrait of Keith Richards by Lisa Botto Lee

“Perspective” Graphite, 30” x 22”


It is always rewarding to see the look in one’s eyes knowing I captured the essence of someone they love and preserved their memory honorably.


Oil portrait of Bruce Springsteen by Lisa Botto Lee

“Dream Baby Dream” Oil, 20″ x 30″


I do believe in giving back with my art and have worked with many charities. One in particular is one in which Bruce Springsteen is involved. His best friend and agent lost their daughter to a rare sarcoma at a young age. The family created the Kristen Ann Carr Foundation, to which I contribute a piece of art each year. There are many foundations and it is important to give back whenever you can. We are all in this thing together.


Artist Lisa Botto Lee

Artist Lisa Botto Lee


My wish is to have my viewer connect with my art like an old friend and feel drawn into the narrative behind it.


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