Featured Artist Tjaša Rener

Artist Tjaša Rener uses printmaking, paint and found materials to create mixed media works that focus on daily life in Africa. Learn more by visiting her website.


Mixed media painting of a Ghana woman with Coco Chanel Earrings by Tjasa Rener

“Lady with Coco Chanel Earrings, Mixed Media, 90cm x 130cm


As an artist, I base my work on the rich artistic heritage of twentieth-century modernism, which continues by combining two art techniques—painting and printing. Yet, unlike modernist iconoclasm, I chose the human figure as the central motif of my work.


Mixed media image of a Ghana man selling FanMilk by Tjasa Rener

“FanMilk” Mixed Media, 85cm x 110cm


Despite the distinctly post-humanist time we live in today, I placed my chosen subject right in the centre. As an artist, I am very interested in the process of creating and I desire to transcend boundaries in search of something new. Through learning and processes, exploration of mediums, ritual and life experiences—I create.


Mixed media image of a Ghana hair salon and stylist by Tjasa Rener

“Gracious Hair-Do” Mixed Media, 200cm x 150cm


My paintings are large scale collages where I play with material such as newspaper, digital photos, heat transfer, xerox, decorative paper, recycled material, acrylic paint and finally, screen printed layers.


Mixed media painting of a Ghana woman selling bananas by Tjasa Rener

“Miss Banana” Mixed Media, 120cm x 150cm


My practice is a search through mediums, to refine my artistic process for growth. I am at my best when adapting and exploring the technical and intellectual elements within the process.


mixed media image of a milk vendor in Ghana by Tjasa Rener

“FanMilk II” Mixed Media, 100cm x 130cm


Due to my techniques, my paintings are methodically planned out and built up slowly. It takes approximately one month to complete a single piece.


mixed media image of a Ghana woman selling fabric by Tjasa Rener

“Fabric Seller” Mixed Media, 85cm x 105cm


My background in fashion helps me with my cut outs and reverse thinking. It also benefits me with a good idea of how to combine and join together all the different materials.


mixed media image of a Ghana house cleaner using her cell phone by Tjasa Rener

“Neighborhood 1 Cleaner” Mixed Media, 110cm x 175cm


Typically, screen printing is used to produce an unlimited number of copies. However, in the case of my work, each graphic is only printed once. I rip reproduction from the clutches of hyperproduction and turn them into unique works of art.


mixed media image of a local neighborhood store by Tjasa Rener

“Neighborhood 2 Local Store” Mixed Media, 125cm x 175cm


The focus of my artwork is the people who surround me in my daily life.


Mixed media image of a Ghana woman in traditional garb using a cell phone by Tjasa Rener

“Tech-no-Logic” Mixed Media, 120cm x 150cm


Allowing my life experiences to be part of the creative process is essential to this type of work. My art is very much connected to the country I choose to live in. I moved from my home country of Slovenia to live in Ghana, West Africa, almost seven years ago.


Artist Tjaša Rener with her work

Artist Tjaša Rener with her work


As a foreigner, and as an artist, I am fascinated by situations or moments that are less familiar to me. Though the process remains the foundation of my artistic expression, the content of my work is influenced by the everyday lives of people in Ghana and the relationship of home, family and society in this region. Economic discrepancies, people’s attitudes towards rapidly developing technology, and increasingly excessive consumption influence my thinking and subsequently, my art.


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