Featured Artist Tjaša Rener

Artist Tjaša Rener is inspired by the interaction of printmaking, paint and found materials. She creates mixed media works that focus on daily life in Africa.

Streamline Your Studio Production

Increase profitability, control your costs, and save your sanity by becoming more efficient in the studio. 

Your Art Portfolio Checklist

These days, many people will never view your portfolio in person – they must rely on digital images, which makes this task even more important.

How Daily Painting Can Help You Grow as an Artist

Two artists took the daily painting practice further, working within themes that created compelling series that expressed their interests and experiences.

Art, Positivity and Healing

Art transcends the boundaries and divisions between people, to a common ground of understanding where we can share something of beauty and self-discovery

Design a Fabulous Art Studio on a Shoestring

Many of my studio furnishings were found in used building supply and consignment stores, and I was creative with the use of inexpensive hardware and bartering.

Evolution of a Greeting Card Line

From first concept through end sale, here is how one entrepreneur created a line of greeting cards.

Why I Closed My Studio

I closed my studio more than ten years ago. Besides general burnout from traveling all over the country flying to trade shows and driving to retail shows, my body had begun to give out.

Do You Want to be a Children’s Book Illustrator?

First, Cherish and Benjamin read the manuscript to be sure they feel the story would fit well with their art style, and that the project is one they can be excited about. Since each project is extremely time-consuming, the illustrator needs to be passionate about working on it and being part of the finished book. A negotiation follows, nailing down the price for the illustrations, and royalties.

Images of Life/Interview with Steve Paxton

Photographer Steve Paxton has created an “Urban Portraits” gallery of images of the homeless in Seattle, Washington. He discusses this project, his motivation, technique and his photography business.

Featured Artist Jake Remington

Featured Artist Jake Remington presents his work and talks about his inspiration, goals and his portfolio of mixed media.

Featured Artist Durand Seay

Featured Artist Durand Seay discusses his career as an architect, and his work in painting and drawing, including inspiration and techniques.

Featured Artist David Macaluso

Painter David Macaluso works in an unusual medium – motor oil. He uses this to make statements about our world, our political situation and dependence on oil. David has been exhibited in museum shows and has a painting in the Exxon Mobil corporate collection.

Featured Artist Rebecca Potts

Featured Artist Rebecca Potts’ work is highly unusual, and reflects her interest in geography, energy and the environment. She creates “maps”, collages, photos and animated works based on science and art.