Featured Artist Cindy Greenstein

Digital artist Cindy Greenstein’s joyful, larger-than-life floral images vibrate with bold color and motion. See more of her art by visiting her website.


Abstract digital photography image of an iris by Cindy Greenstein

“Iris Abstract” Digital Photography, 30″ x 25″


I grew up in Sharon, Massachusetts, and moved back in 1997 to raise my children there. Its a very pretty small town surrounded by nature; Lake Massapoag, Borderland State Park, Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary, with tons of flowers and woodlands. That’s the funny thing about nature—there is always something new and beautiful to photograph.


Abstract digital photography image of fuschia and lilacs by Cindy Greenstein

“Fuschia Lilac” Digital Photograph, 30″ x 40″


“…and the seasons, they go round and round…” as Carly Simon sang. They are forever changing, evolving, growing, and offering beautiful surprises that my artist-photographer self is drawn to.


Abstract digital photography image of flowers by Cindy Greenstein

“Floral OG” Digital Photography, 30″ x 40″


I can remember always being an artist. I knew I was an artist at a very young age, and couldn’t imagine being anything else. My family and friends knew it too. I attended Framingham State College and New England School of Art and Design. I’ve achieved many awards for art throughout academia.  I won first place in several juried art and photography shows, and double majored in fine art and photography in college.


Abstract digital photography image of tropical flowers by Cindy Greenstein

“Tropical Purple” Digital Photography, 30″ x 20″


I feel so blessed and am forever grateful that I have the gift of seeing the beautiful in most things, and can photograph it in a playful way and make art with it. Thank you, Universe!


Abstract digital photography of an orange flower by Cindy Greenstein

“Orange” Digital Photography, 30″ x 40″


My art is big and colorful and vibrant, inviting the viewer into a joyful, beautiful art experience. It’s the welcoming personality to the room it adorns.


Close up digital photography by Cindy Greenstein

“White Rose” Digital Photography, 40″ x 30″


I am educated in fine art, graphic design and photography and my art is a culmination of these three blended together.


Close up digital photography of a purple flower by Cindy Greenstein

“Flamingo” Digital Photography, 30″ x 40″


I am passionate about photographing the beautiful in the everyday. Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Playing with light and shadows, color and angles including macro shots and playful angles of nature. My screen becomes my artist’s canvas, as I digitally paint the photo with my palette of infinite colors.


Digital Photography of a teal flower by Cindy Greenstein

“Teal” Digital Photography, 30″ x 40″


I find the process of creating art brings me pure joy and a soulful peace. My intention is to bring the viewer into that peaceful and playful place, filled with color, light and joy.


Digital photography of a purple flower by Cindy Greenstein

“Tropical Starburst” Digital Photography, 40″ x 30″


My signature works are flowers—big, closeup, colorful, flamboyant flowers. They are available as gallery wrap canvas, acrylic mounts, framed prints and decorative pillows. I am eager to commission and collaborate with interior designers working on small, mid-size or large projects. I envision my art decorating the walls of hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, medical buildings, hospital walls, and senior living facilities as well as high-end residential.


Close up digital image of a blue flower by Cindy Greenstein

“Blue” Digital Photography, 36″ x 36″


I am influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, Peter Max, Chihuli, Ansel Adams, Impressionism, Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Peter Gabriel, Freddy Mercury and Rumi. I sign my work by my nickname, Zendi, and the branding collective as Zendi Art.


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