Featured Artist Marcus Goldson

Marcus Goldson’s African-themed watercolor and mixed media paintings use visually striking patterns and motifs. Enjoy more of his memorable portfolio by visiting his website.


Watercolor of African animals marching through a twisty red jungle by Marcus Goldson

“The Impenetrable Forest” Watercolour, 75cm x 104cm


I studied art history and trained as a sculptor working in steel. However, soon after graduating from Winchester School of Art in the United Kingdom I moved to Budapest, Hungary, and turned to painting. Apart from producing my own works I have also been creating illustrations for a variety of newspapers and magazines, such as Time Out Budapest, ADAC Reisemagazin, Forbes Hungary and various online publications.


Watercolor of zebras running from a rain storm by Marcus Goldson

“The long rains” Watercolour, 50cm x 70cm


Watercolour is my medium of choice, although occasionally I also produce work in oil, print and mixed media. I use watercolour for sketching and also for my large finished pieces. It’s great for light, quick sketches and for building up layers of colour and tone on my larger works.


Watercolor of a giraffe twisted in knots by Marcus Goldson

“Giraffe knots” Watercolour, 60cm x 80cm


I was born and spent my childhood in Kenya. Growing up in Africa has most probably initiated my love of pattern and influenced my sense of colour. It also inspired me to incorporate humour and playfulness into my work.


Watercolor of zebras against a kilim pattern by Marcus Goldson

“Zebras moving through a kilim forest” Watercolour, 70cm x 100cm


I’m fascinated with the patterns and forms of African wildlife and natural phenomena. I love to create works that manipulate the decorative features in these subjects. I have, for example, used patterns found in woven baskets, forest vines, traditional woven cloth wraps and carpets to re-interpret landscapes, forms and settings. My works are textural, insinuate a narrative, and are visually striking.


Watercolor of a leopard in a white tree in the Kikuyu Forest by Marcus Goldson

“In the Kikuyu forest” Watercolour, 60cm x 80cm


With a lot of my animal pictures, I create a design using the inherent physical and decorative attributes of the animal. Then I put it into a setting either different from its usual habitat, or done in a way that contrasts with its markings.


Watercolor of a mandala bordered with cows by Marcus Goldson

“Goulash!” Watercolour, 75cm x 75cm


I have lived in Hungary for a long time. As in my African-themed pictures, I use Hungarian motifs and traditional patterns in works relating to Budapest or Hungary.


Watercolor and aluminum collage of waterbuffalos by Marcus Goldson

“Storm on the Pusta” Watercolour and Aluminium Collage, 100cm x 80cm


Watercolour is an unbelievably versatile medium. It offers endless possibilities for creating different effects as well as combinations with mixed media. I sometimes combine it with collage and different printing techniques to create a more graphic effect.


Watercolor collage of a female ticket collector by Marcus Goldson

“Ticket inspector” Watercolour and Collage, 50cm x 70cm


I sometimes use aluminium cans, old subway tickets or anything I can find to add to the decorative or symbolic effect of the picture. I like the effect of using different media in a picture.


Watercolor and lino print of two Vervets in palm trees in Tiwi by Marcus Goldson

“Two vervets at Tiwi” Watercolour and Lino Print, 80cm x 110cm


Watercolour is a portable medium, which is important for me because I often paint on my travels. I’ve taken my watercolours with me to many parts of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


Watercolor of Maadi, Cairo by Marcus Goldson

“Maadi, Cairo” Watercolour, 45cm x 50cm


I have a wide range of interests and working styles but pattern is everywhere. I use it either blatantly or more subtly in most of my work. Alongside this I like using strong, bold colours and some humour or irony to create what are, essentially, positive observations of the visual world.


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