Featured Artist Irmgard Geul

Artist Irmgard Geul creates embroidery paintings that reflect the beauty and spaciousness of Oklahoma. See more of her portfolio by visiting her website.


Embroidery painting of fog in the foresty by Irmgard Geul

“Fog in the Forest” Embroidery Painting, 12″ x 12″


I am a Dutch painter with an art studio located on a hilltop horse ranch. How lucky am I? My studio is just outside of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, my home since arriving from The Netherlands in 2003.


Embroidery painting of the old water tower downtown by Irmgard Geul

“The Old Water Tower Downtown” Embroidery Painting, 12″ x 12″


The ranch is spacious and the views are spectacular. I watch the sunrise and sunset daily, a source of inspiration for my art. The painted skies are two ever-changing works of art by nature that we have the opportunity to see every day.


Embroidery painting of a country road in Oklahoma by Irmgard Geul

“Just Another Country Road in Oklahoma” Embroidery Painting, 12″ x 12″


Nature gives me a peaceful place to think and create as I find the calm of the country, at my stage in life, more inspiring than the city. I work daily from nine to six in my art studio, but I always manage to find the time to walk the pastures and explore the wonders of Oklahoma’s changing seasons.


Embroidery painting No. 68 from the Sunrise and Sunset series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 68″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


Born and raised in The Netherlands, I grew up in a happy household of seven brothers and one sister in a rural town south of Amsterdam. I received my art degree from HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht (1981-1986). I have been a full-time 2D and 3D visual artist since, supported by several jobs in graphic and fashion design.


Embroidery painting No. 66 from sunrise and sunset series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 66″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


A couple of years ago, after opening some childhood boxes that I recovered from my mother’s attic, I developed the desire to map my memories and tell my stories through my art.


Embroidery painting No. 59 from Sunrise and Sunset series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 59″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


My late mother was an haute couture seamstress. Through using her collection of fabrics and yarn, I started creating my latest body of work—embroidery paintings—a definition I came up with the help of an artist friend.


Embroidery painting No. 61 from the Sunrise and Sunset series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 61″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


First, I create the “mood” background with a painting on paper, poster board, or on a collage of woven fabric and cut up paintings/sketches. Then, the final image is created with sewing and embroidery thread by applying the stitches in a linear pattern to create depth and a visual perspective.


Embroidery painting series of sunrises and sunsets by Irmgard Geul

“Sunrise and Sunset Series” Embroidery Paintings, Each painting is 8” x 8”


Last spring, I challenged myself to create stories of my adventures on and around the ranch. This resulted in eighty-one 8″ x 8″ sunrise and sunset experiences. My story and the accompanying series of embroidery paintings was featured in the Curbside Chronicle, an Oklahoma published magazine for homeless awareness.


Embroidery painting No. 43 from the Sunrise and Sunset Series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 43″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


My embroidery paintings keep evolving into more mystic, contemporary landscapes. Sometimes they are inspired by hiking trips in National Parks. They also come from observing my daily surroundings in rural American life, as well as from the many stories I like to share.


Embroidery painting No. 70 from the Sunrise and Sunset series by Irmgard Geul

“No. 70″ (Sunrise and Sunset Series) Embroidery Painting, 8″ x 8”


My art career has been an adventure; it’s constantly evolving and I am excited to see what comes next. I have collectors throughout the United States, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Colombia and Israel. I have gallery representations in Oklahoma and have had several solo and group shows around the world.


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  1. Wow Irmgard. That is fantastic. I never thought of doing art in the way you have described. I would love to watch you work sometime if you allow people to do that. Thank you for sharing this with me. I would also like to show you some of my very, very old paintings to see if they are worth keeping or what I should do with them. Thank you ma’am. Les

    • Thank you Les, always appreciate your comments on my work. You are welcome to my studio at any time!
      Maybe send me some pictures of the old paintings and I can start researching them?
      Hope to see you soon,

  2. Skip Hill says

    Wonderful profile and portfolio of your work. You’ve managed to capture the spaciousness, light and colors of the Oklahoma landscape in an original and graphically engaging way.

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