Featured Artists Dick and Rosanne

Husband and wife team Dick and Rosanne present a collection of photographic art that explores intricate patterns and forms found in nature. View more by visiting their website.


floral photography by Dick and Rosanne

“The Kiss” photography, 40” x 55”


Ansel Adams said, “I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful—an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” Anyone who takes the time to look closely at nature must agree. Our goal is to capture some of that magic and wonder to share with the viewer.


photograph of ferns by Dick and Rosanne

“Fern Fantasia” photography, 39” x 27.75”


Dick and I have long been partners on many levels. We have each worked separately in different media over the years, but photography has been something we have always done and always loved.


photograph of a cactus flower by Dick and Rosanne

“Cactus Flower” photography, 28” x 22”


We live in a rural area and can’t imagine anything better than living surrounded by nature. Nothing is more beautiful, wondrous, complex, soothing and healing, than experiencing the work of Mother Nature. Nature’s masterpieces are all around us if we just take the time to look.


photograph of a spider plant flower by Dick and Rosanne

“Spider Plant Flower” photography, 18” x 14”


No matter how big or how small, nature’s artistry is unsurpassed. Even the smallest of insects or flowers amaze. A little clover flower is an extraordinary structure that you probably wouldn’t give a second glance to, but look closely and you’ll find a beautifully complex structure. Nothing is simple.


Artists Dick and Rosanne

Artists Dick and Rosanne


We are lucky to live on an acre of land. Dick has been an excellent steward of our land, letting things grow organically. He built a pond where lotuses and water lilies flourish as well as frogs. It is a great joy to watch things grow, and to see how things change throughout the year and throughout the day. It feels like an oasis abundant with life both large and small.


photograph of two carp in a pond by Dick and Rosanne

“Passing By” photography, 21” x 15”


We take pictures of nature in and around our home, in our garden, of our pond and of the vases of flowers on our table. We take pictures every day, and yet there are always aspects that surprise and engage us. There are always new ways of looking at things and new worlds exposed.


photograph of a lily by Dick and Rosanne

“Deco Lily” photography, 23.5” x 19”


We have long admired the pattern and designs of Art Nouveau and Art Deco and their treatment of nature. It has contributed to our desire to make our own patterns. We use these patterns to create borders to complement the main photo, thus making them an integral part of the print and negating any need for further matting or framing. This works well for prints on metal and on canvas.


photograph of clouds by Dick and Rosanne

“Cloud Splash” photography, 27” x 22”


We started creating mandala-like images of our photos and surprising things started to happen. Like a mandala, viewing our images become can be very contemplative. Like looking at clouds on a summer day, new figures and characters emerge. New stories are told.


photograph of lotuses by Dick and Rosanne

“Lovely Lotuses” photography, 34” x 46”


Looking at patterns engages the mind and all kinds of images emerge. Elements of an image that were peripheral take on central importance—nothing is insignificant. The pattern has the effect of drawing the viewer deeper into the image, considering minute particulars that might otherwise be overlooked.


photography of snow on branches by Dick and Rosanne

“Snow Twigs” photography, 52” x 40”


Images of nature become abstract and thought-provoking. Nature truly is an endless prospect of magic and wonder.


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