Featured Artist Teri Starkweather

Artist Teri Starkweather captures the play of light and the depth of color in stunning watercolor still lifes and landscapes. Visit her website to see more of her portfolio.


watercolor of koi by Teri Starkweather

“Koi in Quarantine” watercolor, 20″ x 24″


I became fascinated with art and painting in high school when I took an oil painting class. I eventually took a Saturday figure drawing class at Art Center College of Design.


watercolor of pink roses by Teri Starkweather

“Rose Garden” watercolor, 40″ x 30″


After high school, I went to Art Center full time and majored in painting. After graduating, I worked as a scenic artist at NBC and did some freelance illustration.


abstract floral portrait of Gaia by Teri Starkweather

“Gaia” watercolor, 22″ x 30″


I eventually discovered that I was hypersensitive to oil paints and solvents. After a long period with environmental illness, I decided to switch over to painting with watercolors. Today I also paint with water soluble oils.


watercolor of sunflowers and a teapot by Teri Starkweather

“Butterfly Teapot” watercolor, 40″ x 30″


I’ve always been excited by the beauty of nature. My watercolors depict beautiful flowers, plants, birds and fish as well as the the ocean waves near my home in Laguna Beach, California. I create strong compositions with strong, saturated color.


watercolor of a woman floating on her back in water by Teri Starkweather

“Floating Me Softly” watercolor, 21″ x 27″


I am often inspired by the beauty I find on vacations in Hawaii. I take many photos on these trips and when I return to my studio, I use them as photo reference for my watercolors.


watercolor of orchids by Teri Starkweather

“Springtime Orchids” watercolor, 29″ x 38″


I’m attracted to painting luminous images with light reflections and dark shadows. I always incorporate the play of light, which amplifies truth, life and the hidden beauty of nature.


watercolor of floral arrangement by Teri Starkweather

“Flowers of the Sun” watercolor, 21″ x 29″


One of my early influences was Joseph Raffael, who painted large florals in watercolor. I also loved the egg tempera paintings by Andrew Wyeth, which I saw at a Wyeth show at the Los Angeles Museum of Art while still a teen.


watercolor in pink of sea objects by Teri Starkweather

“For Love of the Sea” watercolor, 30″ x 40″


I am a signature member of Watercolor West and have exhibited at the Oceanside Museum, Springfield Art Museum, Westmont Museum of Art, Lancaster Museum of Art, Riverside Art Museum, Downey Museum of Art, Brand Library Gallery and Brea Art Gallery.


watercolor floral still life by Teri Starkweather

“Summer Shadows” watercolor, 29″ x 37″


My artwork has been included in many art books. I have been on the cover of Textures and Surfaces and did an article demonstrating my technique in “Painting the Many Moods of Light.” I won the cover contest of the June 2010 issue of American Artist Watercolor Magazine.


Artist Teri Starkweather in her studio

Artist Teri Starkweather in her studio


My work has been shown in several local Laguna Beach galleries and the annual Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach.


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  1. These are lovely. My favorite is Flowers of the Sun.

  2. Your art is wonderful! Inspired and inspiring!!

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