Featured Artists Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt

Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt of TimberFire Studio present a collection of heirloom quality handmade furniture and accessories. View more by visiting their website.


Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt of TimberFire Studio

Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt of TimberFire Studio


We have been best friends since childhood, and TimberFire Studio is our longtime collaboration.


one-of-a-kind mixed media side table by TimberFire Studio

“Texas Bowie” Functional Art, mixed media, 24” x 16” x 35”


We both had strong father figures who raised us to understand the value of working with our hands. This passion for craftsmanship was passed down from multiple generations that preceded us, and lives on in our creations.


one-of-a-kind mixed media table by TimberFire Studio

“Mystic Mesquite” Functional Art, mixed media, 41” x 18” x 28”


Our appreciation for the arts came from our mothers who made a concerted effort to expose us to museums, classical music, architecture and theater. This cultural enrichment helped shape us into the men we are today and is expressed in the beauty of our work.


one-of-a-kind mixed media table by TimberFire Studio

“Texas Longhorn” (front and top view) Functional Art, mixed media, 58” x 24” x 32”


We refer to our furniture, home décor and lighting as “functional art” because we’re designing one-of-a-kind items that deliver both form and function. We put our heart and soul into everything we make to produce completely original heirloom quality furnishings.


one-of-a-kind mixed media long table by TimberFire Studio

“Six Flags Over Texas” Functional Art, mixed media, 89” x 14” x 33”


We love the opportunity to transform the mundane and utilitarian into something wonderful and inspiring. We are honored that our work has been repeatedly recognized for excellence at the annual Texas Furniture Makers Show as well as by Niche Magazine, HGTV’s Home Town and the Western Design Conference.


mixed media wall sculpture of the Southern Cross by TimberFire Studio

“Southern Cross” mixed media wall sculpture, 32” x 16” x 1”


We share a deep appreciation for the majesty of the outdoor environment and put considerable energy into curating the finest specimens of figured wood that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s important to us that these be responsibly harvested. We obtain our timber from sources that are known to be eco-friendly. We even go to the extra effort of importing a lustrous and durable wood finish from Europe because it is engineered from natural plant oils and waxes.


mixed media wall sculpture with Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman by TimberFire Studio

“Oh, Pretty Woman” mixed media wall sculpture, 11” x 23” x 2”


We want our pieces to be visually compelling with clean lines, judicious use of negative space and meticulous attention to detail. We enjoy working in mixed media and find that it gives our handiwork a modern panache.


one-of-a-kind table by TimberFire Studio

“Deconstructed” Functional Art, mixed media, 50” x 18” x 32”


The juxtaposition of sleek metal with the warmth of wood is subtly exhilarating, while a pop of color from inlaid gem quality turquoise adds a touch of unexpected charm.


one-of-a-kind western flair table by TimberFire Studio

“All Hat, No Cattle” Functional Art, mixed media, 33” x 24” x 42”


Our projects range from urban reclaimed to western flair to custom commissions and always reflect a sense of refined elegance.


one-of-a-kind wall mirror by TimberFire Studio

“Mirror, Mirror” Functional Art, mixed media, 36” x 23” x 1”


We’re not interested in building traditional styles and replicating established forms from centuries past. Instead, we’re trying to invent new objects that are elite, beautiful and built to stand the test of time. That’s what we’re striving for—Art Forged in Wood.


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