Featured Artist Tuesday Winslow

Artist Tuesday Winslow handcrafts striking one-of-a-kind papier-mâché mirrors influenced by Mayan and Japanese cultures.

Featured Artists Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt

Joe Adams and Erich Elfeldt of TimberFire Studio present a collection of heirloom quality handmade furniture and accessories.

Featured Artist Andrea Wendel

Artist Andrea Wendel’s innovative furniture designs are inspired by her passion for creating handcrafted, sculptural objects with a purpose.

Featured Artist Peter Judge

I ask you, the viewer, to be involved as a participant in the process and feel the beauty of “functional art.” My art asks to used, not just looked at.

Featured Artist Mark Levin

The sensuous organic forms of artist Mark Levin’s wood furniture and sculpture are inspired by nature’s curves and flowing movements.

Featured Artist Angelo Sorrentino

What I like about what I do is the feeling of freedom and sensation of endless time, two things very hard to find these days.