Featured Artist Telagio Baptista

Artist Telagio Baptista presents a collection of his ethereal watercolor paintings. Visit his website to view more of his portfolio.


watercolor of a Jewish street fiddler by Telagio Baptista

“Street Fiddler” watercolor, 22” x 16”


My passion for art began at a young age. As a gifted child, I was a performing concert violinist and concertmaster for a symphony. I also had a gift for watercolor painting.


watercolor portrait of a male African elephant by Telagio Baptista

“Gentle Giant” watercolor, 16” x 22”


I went on to win national awards in high school and a scholarship to the Art Institute. I finished my art education with a BFA at California College of Arts and Crafts.


watercolor portrait of an elderly person by Telagio Baptista

“Contemplation” watercolor, 16” x 22”


Along with working as an art director in numerous leading advertising agencies, I also owned a design studio in Hawaii for over twenty years. I’ve won my share of design awards along my creative path.


watercolor cityscape of Capitol Hill, DC by Telagio Baptista

“Capitol Hill” watercolor, 22” x 16”


I now focus solely on watercolor. It is a difficult medium to master and the challenge inspires me. My work is varied, from loosely rendered to realistic images, still life, portraits, animals and landscapes. This gives me the opportunity to connect emotionally with a wide audience.


watercolor portrait of a young girl from Ghana by Telagio Baptista

“Ghana Girl” watercolor, 16” x 22”


I believe that watercolor is magical and an exotic medium with no creative boundaries. I use various atmospheric painting techniques to express my subjects.


watercolor of a mother and baby elephant by Telagio Baptista

“Motherly Love” watercolor, 13.5” x 17”


My paintings are created with the use of a limited palette, simplicity and the use of negative space without distracting backgrounds. I feel this method delivers more of an impact to my viewers.


watercolor portrait of a young girl by Telagio Baptista

“Bright Eyes” watercolor, 16” x 22”


This allows the paintings to “breathe” depending on the subject matter. I tell a story through my painting which is similar to the writer telling a story with words. I’m interested in human emotions rather than “prettiness.” I believe art is not what I see, but what I make others see.


watercolor of fireman putting out a volkswagon beetle fire by Telagio Baptista

“One Hot VW” watercolor, 22″ x 16″


I’ve been blessed and grateful for the recognition of my watercolors by international, national and regional juried art shows as well as deeply grateful to my audiences and my many collectors.


watercolor of a masted ship at sea by Telagio Baptista

“Shades of Mist” watercolor, 16″ x 22″


Encouragement and knowledge are the hallmarks of my teachings. I bring my God-given talent and experienced painting skills and enthusiasm to each watercolor workshop, seeking to inspire my students to make their work speak “loud and clear” with their hearts and brushes.


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