Featured Artist Peter Addison

Artist Peter Addison enjoys breaking out of social norms and painting curiously quirky subject matter. Enjoy more of his work by visiting his website.


painting featuring social media as The Four Horsemen by Peter Addison

“The Four Horsemen” acrylic on board, 48” x 36”


From the time I was a little boy until now, there have been constants that have made my existence a playful one. To begin with, I’ve always heard the words, “You’re weird” spoken to me. Never once though, not for a single second, did that bother me. I always took it as a compliment.


painting of eclipse, balloons and masked figure by Peter Addison

“Nature’s Eclipse” acrylic on illustration board, 21” x 30”


It was nothing short of a verbal acknowledgment that I was thinking and acting differently than the masses.


painting of ghosts in a pumpkin patch by Peter Addison

“Scared to Life” acrylic on illustration board, 30” x 21”


Secondly, I have always, from the first time I dragged a crayon over a coloring book, loved art. It’s curious how well being perceived as weird and loving art go together.


painting of an old man beating a drum in front of the Giza pyramids by Peter Addison

“Time Marches On” acrylic on illustration board, 30” x 40”


I believe it is human nature to be playful. Everyone picks their game. Whether it be sport, a lifestyle, a profession, a political movement, or being a troll on Twitter, everyone exercises their playful tendencies. I feel so extremely fortunate to be weird and make art in accordance with my chosen game.


painting of a fat woman with food by Peter Addison

“Morton’s Fork” acrylic on illustration board, 21” x 34”


Most people, when they see my art, will say something in the nature of, “I like your colors but, your subject matter isn’t for me.” Then I hear a suggestion like, “Have you ever thought about painting flowers? Oh my, with your colors, if you painted flowers…” Or, something like, “Paint an elk, an elk on a ridge with a moon behind it—now that would be a good painting!”


painting of a chained mad fending off a witch by Peter Addison

“Man’s Best Friend” acrylic on board, 48” x 24”


I don’t mind it when people suggest a more acceptable subject matter to me; after all, I know it comes from a place of kindness. However, I’m weird, and weird people must act accordingly. I try being creative with my colors as I try to be creative with my subject matter.


painting of a sad woman drinking in a bar by Peter Addison

“Misery, So Hollow” acrylic on board, 24” x 30”


I don’t want to just make a painting. I want to say something. I like subject matter such as “A noble fight that cannot be won.” Here’s a person going through emotional devastation, and we, as the viewers, don’t know the outcome of their internal battle.


painting of a figure rising into the night sky by Peter Addison

“Ascension” acrylic on board, 36” x 48”


I love silliness, courage and the uncommon bravery to break free from social norms.


painting of a winged elephant crossing the ocean in a sailboat by Peter Addison

“The Hard Way” acrylic on illustration board, 30” x 40”


I love art because, while exploring my mind, thoughts and feelings, I get to create a world, a story, or a character and hopefully convey emotion. I always begin with an emotion I have rather than an idea, usually inspired by the world around me.


painting of a hot air balloon over the earth by Peter Addison

“Hamcluck’s Balloon” acrylic on illustration board, 21” x 30”


I’ve heard that some artists visualize everything before they start. I don’t. I see and plan out very little ahead of time. I like it that way because I get to watch the painting create itself. If I relax, and listen to the painting, it, in a way, tells me how it wants to be made. Does that sound weird? Good! I’m par for the course.


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