Featured Artist Joshua Chambers

Narrative painter Joshua Chambers uses symbolism and metaphor, encouraging the viewer to complete the story. Enjoy more of his work by visiting his website.


painting of a figure in an amusement airplane ride and a star-filled sky by Joshua Chambers

“(stares unnecessarily at the sky) yes, yes” acrylic on wood panel, 35” x 45”


I have always loved painting and drawing.


painting of a figure cutting a rope by Joshua Chambers

“there is no going back” acrylic on wood panel, 30” x 22”


Something magical happens when you drag a brush full of pigment across a blank surface, beginning the process of eliminating possibilities and creating something that did not exist before.


painting of a young girl, a tree and a bird by Joshua Chambers

“every letter every silence” acrylic on wood panel, 23” x 45”


While pursuing my bachelor’s degree at NSU in Oklahoma, I focused on painting narrative scenes of domestic life. During that time, I became involved in theatre as a designer and formed a deep appreciation of the audience-performer relationship and absurdist playwrights.


painting of a figure in a bathtub by Joshua Chambers

“dreaming is hard” acrylic on wood panel, 22” x 30”


I carried these interests and a growing fascination with fables and fairy tales into graduate school while working on my Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Louisiana Tech University.


painting of a sloth and an airplane amusement ride by Joshua Chambers

“we grew beyond our games” acrylic on wood panel, 30” x 15”


There, I began the path I continue on today of creating absurd and metaphorical scenes that encourage the viewer to take an active role in establishing or completing narratives present in my artworks.


painting of a bird headed figure looking at a flying bird by Joshua Chambers

“a comfortable distance / between separation and intimacy” acrylic on wood panel, 23” x 45”


My paintings are full of familiar imagery employed as symbols that work to construct cerebral puzzles for the viewer to decode using their personal experience. I want them to find the underlining meaning that explores the human condition regarding relationships and individualism.


painting of a boat with figures in the clouds by Joshua Chambers

“(lightly, by reflex)” acrylic on wood panel, 23” x 35”


Often, I have reduced or removed information. I want that the viewer must fill in the blanks and become active participants in the process of storytelling that occurs through the suspended conversation between the viewer and me through the space of the artwork.


painting of a bird-headed figure sitting in a tree by Joshua Chambers

“divided within ourselves” acrylic on wood panel, 23” x 45”


In most of my current artworks, I include a phrase of text pulled from literature or everyday conversation. The phrases embedded in the surface of the painting act as bits of dialogue that aid the viewer in expanding or deciphering the narrative.


painting of a figure and birds by Joshua Chambers

“if you weren’t real, I would make you up” acrylic on wood panel, 23” x 45”


My goal is that while an audience explores the work individually or in groups, they search their experiences and are pulled out of their isolated self to realize the familiar hopes, desires, and conflicts of others.


painting of a bird-headed figure in the woods by Joshua Chambers

“I find myself referred to / a consolation prize for decline” acrylic on wood panel, 17” x 35”


The magic of storytelling and sharing is that we leave the insulated shell of ourselves to find commonalities with others.


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