Featured Artist Stan Sisson

Artist Stan Sisson creates dreamlike mixed media and oil paintings that convey a sense of spirituality. Find more from this artist by visiting his website.


mixed media landscape with a waterfall by Stan Sisson

“More than a Feeling” mixed media on paper, 20″ x 24″


I’ve found, through my journey, how to realize and apply the gifts God has provided to me.


oil painting of a hummingbird by Stan Sisson

“Oasis” oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 12” x 16”


I had been painting for a number of years, making paintings without real thought or intention. Just painting pictures.


oil painting of a butterfly by Stan Sisson

“Communion” oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 14” x 12”


I kept having this gnawing feeling that I was supposed to be doing something more. As a Secular Franciscan, I prayed about it and asked for direction. It was subtly revealed to me that my gift is to paint. To make art and be creative.


mixed media landscape of a gentle river by Stan Sisson

“Gentle River” mixed media on paper, 16” x 16”


I didn’t think of my art in that way. I really did not want to make religious paintings. As much as I enjoy theology and Bible history, I just did not understand how I was to go about painting and creating for God.


oil painting of a dragonfly on roses by Stan Sisson

“Grounded” oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 20” x 20”


Then I slowly understood that my purpose is to reveal to everyone, using my art, how all of our lives are interlaced. How God exists in everything. We are in world of tapestry. Our lives are interwoven and all one. Unfortunately, some people can’t see that.


mixed media painting of a bird in flight by Stan Sisson

“Sky Spirit” mixed media on paper, 18” x 18”


Maybe my art can be a catalyst to change that.


oil painting of a dreamlike, mystical landscape by Stan Sisson

“Mystical Horizons” oil on paper, 18″ x 18″


Now I have become an artist who has a purpose to reveal the spiritual and the mystical in the world. I can bring that into play ever so subtly in my art. To weave a story of love and caring. To help people see the beauty in this world around us.


mixed media painting of a moth by Stan Sisson

“Moth” mixed media on canvas, 18” x 24”


Now I understand how painting is praying. My journey is now crystallizing more and more as I paint and create. New ideas keep bubbling up.


mixed media painting of flowers by Stan Sisson

“Path to Enlightenment” mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas, 24” x 36”


St. Francis loved animals, and he always said God is in everything. I am creating art and shifting my voice using animal, flower, insect and landscape symbols. These help people identify and open up to the mystical and spiritual within themselves that they may not have realized before.


oil painting of a heron by Stan Sisson

“Heron” oil on canvas, 18” x 24”


I am intent on bringing a vibrant richness to people’s lives so they can relax in the wonderful reality that surrounds us.


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