Featured Artist Amber Moran

Amber Moran employs an unusual technique to create delightful paintings with a tropical theme. See more of her watercolor and ink images on her website.


painting of pineapples by Amber Moran

“Tie-Dye Pineapples” watercolor and ink, 16” x 20”


I am a watercolor and ink fine artist and reside in a beautiful small community called Hobe Sound on Florida’s Treasure Coast. My husband and I have lived here since 2004 and both of our teenage boys were born here.


painting of owls by Amber Moran

“Peekaboo” watercolor and ink, 16” x 20”


My passion for art and nature started at a young age, far away from the ocean. I grew up next to our family dairy farm in Central New York where I would often study textures in tree bark and leaves or look at turkey feathers that I found in the woods, search for wildflowers, study frogs and whatever my sister would pick up for me, of course. I loved to draw trees and the animals around the farm.


painting of sea life under the dock by Amber Moran

“Life Under the Dock” watercolor and ink, 40” x 30”


I was first influenced by my creatively-minded parents. My mom can sew absolutely anything and creates beautiful quilts. My dad is a fine woodworking artist that can build and carve absolutely anything with his hand-built tools.


painting of a sailfish by Amber Moran

“Sailfish Pursuit” watercolor and ink, 30” x 40”


For as long as I can remember, I have loved to draw and had a special fascination with trees, textured fabrics, handmade paper and handmade book bindings and books. In college I studied computer art and design and studio art with an emphasis in printmaking. I went on to earn my Masters in Education degree from Elmira College in Upstate New York.


painting of lilies by Amber Moran

“Lilies” watercolor and ink, 40” x 30”


Watercolor painting came a little later, after moving to South Florida and having our boys. I wasn’t fond of working with watercolors in college and found it extremely challenging.


painting of Florida Red Fox by Amber Moran

“Florida Fox” watercolor and ink, 20” x 16”


After a time—and maybe because it wasn’t for a grade and I definitely had more patience—it just seemed to click!


painting of loggerhead turtles by Amber Moran

“Loggerhead Taxi Service” watercolor and ink, 20” x 16”


Now I can’t imagine creating work without using them in some way. I absolutely love working with watercolor paints as well as watercolor markers, pencils and sticks.


painting of a pineapple by Amber Moran

“Budding Pineapple” watercolor and ink, 16” x 20”


Fast forward to today. I gain inspiration from the sights and sounds of coastal beaches, canals, nearby fishing villages, Florida state parks and hiking trails. I create a unique take on the Florida lifestyle.


painting of octopi by Amber Moran

“Deep Sea Embrace” watercolor and ink, 40” x 30”


My goal is to draw the viewer into each painting so they feel as if they are swimming in coral alongside the fish, canoeing under the cypress trees and hearing the sounds blowing through the palm trees above. I like to think of my art style as “Thinking out of the box.”


Artist Amber Moran in her show booth

Artist Amber Moran in her show booth


I want to help the viewer focus on a particular section of my artwork while seeing the whole picture. I achieve this by creating a “window” of color on a section of the painting with watercolor paints. Then I extend my work out onto the mat with black watercolor paint and ink. Lately I have incorporated hand-illustrated cutouts to create layers and dimension within the artwork.


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  1. I like your artwork. Very fun the way you do the Window on the art.

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