Featured Artist Erin Pyles Webb

Artist Erin Pyles Webb captures the wondrous beauty of nature in watercolors and oils. See more of her stunning paintings by visiting her website.


watercolor of a frog in the water by Erin Pyles Webb

“Young Green Frog” watercolor, 14” x 11”


I have loved to draw since I was very young, sprawled on the floor with pencils, crayons and the rougher side of freezer paper. I was always in art classes in school and asked to do special projects from time to time.


watercolor of snow covered trees by Erin Pyles Webb

“Winter Berries” watercolor, 11” x 14”


I won an art scholarship and studied for a Fine Arts degree in college, but the pace was much too slow for me. I left university and studied more intensively in a two-year private college specializing in illustration. In 1980, I was fortunate to get a job as an illustrator for a major live entertainment organization and have been able to earn my living as an illustrator over the past thirty years. This included working in the printing and architectural fields.


watercolor of Scaups by Erin Pyles Webb

“Migrating Scaups” watercolor, 14” x 11”


But I’ve always stayed more interested in fine art, oil painting at first. I had success winning top awards in the first few shows that I entered.


watercolor of a boat at a dock by Erin Pyles Webb

“Don’s Boat II” watercolor, 14” x 11”


Later in my illustrative career, I had to learn very quickly to do architectural renderings in watercolor for a new job. I had not had success in watercolor endeavors before, so this was an adventure. I watched and learned very quickly from seasoned pros, finally learning how to NOT have muddy colors and unhappy accidents.


watercolor of a tree lined river by Erin Pyles Webb

“Fallen Cherry” watercolor, 15” x 10.5”


From there, I continued to learn watercolor techniques and am still learning to this day. I have come to love watercolor for its luminescence and for how relaxing it is to just get lost in it, losing all sense of time as I control the puddles to make magic happen.


watercolor of Queen Anne's Lace by Erin Pyles Webb

“Queen Anne’s Lace” watercolor, 16” x 10”


The subjects and scenes that I’m drawn to have strong light and shadow effects. But I’ve also found myself, numerous times, doing works that involve patterns—a tangle of Queen Anne’s lace, lattice-like tree branches and the shadows they cast, as well as the complex surfaces of water.


watercolor of trees on Granville Island by Erin Pyles Webb

“Bowing Trees on Granville Island” watercolor, 14” x 11”


At these times I’d ask myself why I was doing this to myself, spending hours working on capturing intricate patterns. I finally realized, “Ah – it’s the patterns themselves!” I love the patterns that nature creates and that weave among each other like a wonderful baroque piece of music (which I also love). The complex interplay of light, shadow and form excites me. I want to communicate that same excitement to the viewer.


oil painting of a boat by Erin Pyles Webb

“The Dotty Johnson” oil, 20” x s 16”


I have tried to decrease the size of my studio by narrowing my preferred medium to watercolor, but I’m still in love with the rich, buttery texture of oils and have never lost my original pure love of drawing.


oil painting of the Monongahela River by Erin Pyles Webb

“Morning on the Monongahela” oil, 30” x 24”


In addition to painting, I still continue to draw in graphite, colored pencil and pen and ink. So much for making my studio smaller and concentrating more on one or two media! I do, however, relish being able to switch media toward whichever my current mood leans. I’m fortunate to be able to do that.


oil painting of the Monongahela River in autumn by Erin Pyles Webb

“Monongahela: Autumn I” oil 24” x 18”


I feel very honored to be featured in this showcase that highlights so many talented, awe-inspiring artists!


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  1. Erin,
    I love your painting “Young Green Frog” and “Bowing trees on Granville Island”. I’m glad you conquered working in watercolor. Brave! Something we need to do is be not afraid to try new things.

    • Thank you, Annmarie! I admit I still find watercolor intimidating at times, but I’m coming to love it more and more. I love the detail I can render with it. You’re very right — we should never be afraid to try new things! And we should persevere.

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