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Get your art website noticed in a crowded market by using a distinctive name.


Collage of .ART domain partners

Members of the .ART domain community include artists, organizations and foundations


As the pandemic raged and live events were cancelled or postponed, artists and art institutions went digital with a renewed vigor. Key players like the Gagosian launched a temporary, high-end salesroom. Sotheby’s hosted online-only auctions. As that market grew, it became clear that the possibilities of the online are unparalleled for the art world. There has never been a better time to be an artist in business than now.

As commerce moved online, the internet space also became more crowded and filled with “noise.” This poses a challenge for artists to make their mark and get noticed. There is a great need to have a way to identify, establish and promote oneself digitally.

Artists with their own websites have a number of strategies at hand to draw attention and start the customer journey. Different ways to sell have popped up that any artist can use. Creative tech companies have developed ever-increasingly sophisticated ways to show art to an appreciative audience. Collectors can view and consider art using tools that give them more confidence in making a purchase. But there are more ways to define yourself and your brand, and this includes your digital identity itself.

Make impact with a domain name

None of us had the ability to choose our given names, but it’s a whole other story with your digital identity. Domain provider .ART offers an interesting solution that not only gives you the ability to use your own name, but also connects you inextricably with the art world. Each domain name is unique of course, which sets you apart. But the .ART domain ending defines you as an artist before anyone even visits your website, and this is a distinct advantage.

By choosing for your website, you create a point of entry for all the enquiries about your professional background, work, and projects. And you can finally stop worrying about aligning all your media platform profile names.

Launched in 2017, .ART offers a large selection of domain names. Due to the domain zone’s relatively young age, there is a high chance you can find an absolute perfect match for your own art business which is currently unavailable elsewhere. You may want to check that yourself and see if your name is available with a .ART ending.


Artist Medina .ART domain


Enhance your online presence

The services provided by .ART go beyond digital identification. This applies whether you use traditional artistic mediums or play around with digital, crypto and VR art, or NFTs. Using their platform, you can create a permanent digital portfolio. Build a pop-up website for your side project, or simply link all your existing media accounts on one domain address. This is an excellent DIY marketing trick that also saves trees. Why print business cards if you can have a digital one? .ART domains also have the possibility of Ethereum integration to be used as crypto addresses, making them an inherently all-in-one product.

The move to obtain digital identities that use .ART is huge, with more than 150,000 brands, institutions and creatives onboard. Those brands include Amazon, Apple, Pixar, Louvre, TATE, Marina Abramovic Institute, Institute of Contemporary Arts of London and others. As this important domain ending flourishes, it has been associated with professional industry players. You can take advantage of that as well.


Abstract painting by Medina

“Mariana Trench” by Medina Kasimova,


Get found more readily

Using the .ART domain ending can also enhance your search presence. According to a study from The Domain Name Association (dated April, 2017), the relevance of the words in the domain name and extension helps web pages to rank better for specific keywords.

The study also found that having a relevant domain name extension (like .ART) means that you need fewer inbound links to rank in top page search spots than you would using the more traditional .com ending. Even if you already have a website using .com, you can still obtain a .ART address and simply point that address to your existing site. This gives you more ownership of your name in the online space.

Moreover, there is the added benefit of a psychological shift. Using the word “art” in your website address automatically puts visitors on notice that your business is a creative one. This is a simple but effective marketing tool built right into your online presence.

Early adopters

Artists using .ART domains run the gamut in medium, style and concept. Medina Kasimova is a young painter known for fearlessly using bold color and a variety of approaches in her portfolio. Shantell Martin, named “The coolest It girl” by French Glamour magazine, creates distinctive large scale black and white drawings, often working live in front of an audience.


Fashion illustration of woman in red by Hilbrand Bos

“Fierce in Red II” fashion illustration by artist Hilbrand Bos.


Multi-media artist Steve Miller makes paintings, screen prints, artist books, and sculptures. Through his art he explores the influence of science and technology on modern culture. Amsterdam-based fashion illustrator Hilbrand Bos inserts his personality into each of his designs, made using both traditional media and PhotoShop.

In a quickly evolving market, technology offers new opportunities for artists to express themselves digitally and make an impression on their chosen audience. As you select the tools you will use to share your portfolio and story, consider whether you wish to also become an early adopter.

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