Featured Artist Sara Miller

Fiber artist Sara Miller’s colorful portfolio moves beyond traditional quilts with a new contemporary interpretation. Find more of her work on her website.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Blues #1″ fiber, 41″ x 45”


I create Art to Brighten Your World. I’m a fiber artist, art quilter, mixed media and abstract expressionist painter. I love bright vivid colors.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Sunny Daze #1″ fiber, 30″ x 48”


Since growing up in New York, I have lived in both Los Angeles and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Recently I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to pursue my passion for the arts. I now have a fabulous new studio/gallery in Santa Fe called Sara Miller Contemporary Art.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Celebration #2″ fiber, 28″ x 28”


I believe my passion and career as a fiber artist started at the early age of five. In kindergarten on finger-painting day, I decided the pale pink dress my mom had made me wasn’t bright enough. I decided to embellish it with a bright red rose on the front. Needless to say, my teacher and mom were not as happy with the results as I was.


fiber quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Bridges #2″ fiber, 42″ x 33”


In seventh grade, I learned to sew in home economics class and began sewing many of my own clothes. I loved making clothes because they were always unique and one of a kind. I’ve been creating with fiber for as long as I can remember.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Circus #1″ fiber, 35″ x 41”


After years working in the computer industry, in 2002 I was able to pursue a much more creative career. This changed my life’s path to the creative world that I am now lucky enough to work in. I combined my technology background with my love of sewing. I was hired to become a creative consultant for an international sewing machine company. My job was to inspire customers using the latest computerized sewing and embroidery machines.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Purple Dream” fiber, 37″ x 47″


While creating quilts and teaching others how to quilt, I developed a unique quilting template system. I marketed this system internationally to the quilting industry for almost twenty years. During that time frame, I also began to design fabric for a major New York fabric manufacturer. I did this by painting on fabric using fabric paints, much like I did in kindergarten.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Bridges #1″ fiber, 35″ x 50”


My goal as an artist is to bring the joy and happiness I experience when creating to my viewers and collectors. The bright colors in nature inspire and energize me. I don’t do dull, and am happiest working with vivid colors.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Celebration #1″ fiber, 27″ x 38”


I love working with unexpected colors, curved flowing shapes and textures using fabrics and fibers. They seem to take on a life of their own. I use these elements to represent how life is always changing and flowing, creating new directions and experiences.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Sunny Daze #1″ fiber, 24″ x 48”


After spending so much time in my studio during the pandemic, I’ve really enjoyed getting back to my roots as a fiber artist. My newest series is called Out of the Box.


abstract quilt by Sara Miller

“Out of the Box – Circus #2″ fiber, 40″ x 48”


During the trying times of Covid, I found comfort in getting back to my sewing machines and working with fabric and fiber once again. Getting outside the edges of my canvas was the small freedom I had to escape the boundaries I felt being confined to in my studio and home for so many months.


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